Question about 112D CD function longevity

I’ve noticed a few post recently about the PIO 112D losing it’s CD read/write functionality after a period of time. Of course data gathered like this is very much anecdotal. You can’t accurately judge just how wide spread the issue is from the number of reports because you don’t know the population of drives from which the data is drawn.

So my question is does anyone here maintain a large enough number of computers/burners to estimate just how wide-spread really is this issue. Is there anybody working in a returns/warranty position that would like to share some propriety information with us all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent post, I have seen dozens of posts from 112D owners complaining of the CD problem.
Most people dont want to accept it when it happens to them so they go through days of posting logs and getting replies like “80 pin cables” and “use better media” and “flash different firmware” and "it must be bad drivers"
In not one case have I seen where someone reported correcting this problem.
This is a hardware failure and the more that get RMA’d the better chance that Pioneer will do something.

Well so far no one has come forward with reports of multiple failures in a small popuation or multiple sequential failures in the case of returned/replaced drives so I guess that’s a good sign.

If anyone does have evidence of multiple failures please report it here. Thanks.

Mine is only 3 months old and I already lost the ability to write CDs, however it can still read them.

My 212 was DOA as far as detecting a blank cdr. It would read and write dvd’s perfectly, and read any cd. It just would not detect the blanks! Pioneer were reluctant to admit that there is a general problem with the 12 series, but reading between the lines of my several communications with Pioneer, there is a problem. Mine has been RMA’d, and I expect a replacement very soon. I will let you know the outcome. It’s a pity, because the burns on dvd’s from this example are the best I’ve seen, scanned on another burner, although the scan quality on this particular 212 is woeful. This leads me to think that the read quality might not be so hot. to see the scans I sent to Pioneer, for what it’s worth.

mine lost ability to write CD’s after 3 months of owning the drive as well though it still reads them.

Exactly, I am lucky I still have my old CD-R Drive that can still write. To send it in to Pioneer, does anyone know if we need the receipt (say from Best Buy)?

According to feedback from Pioneer, the problem seems to be with Nvidia chipsets. My rma’d 212 burns cdrs fine for the Pioneer techs, but they are replacing it with a thoroughly tested new one anyway. I will let you know how it goes.

I call BS on that one. Many here are using non Nvidia based chipsets and are having the same issues. If it really was an issue with the chipset why would it work flawlessly for months on said chipset without a single change then suddenly stop? You would think it wouldn’t work from the get go. On top of that I have had my Nvidia based chipset board for over two years and had all variations of Pioneers burners on this chipset without issue except for my 112 after 3 months of use.

Yes I’m inclined to call BS as well. This can be easily tested by trying the burner in another computer. This is always a good idea in any case when a hardware problem is suspected.

It is true for some cases, but many drives had slightly other symptoms that were really hardware only related.

Yeah if the drive wont even read CD’s then it’s a pretty easy test by just trying a boot CD. If the computer can’t even boot from the CD (and you hear seeking noise etc of it trying) then it’s pretty obvious that it’s a real hardware problem and not driver related.

It’s probably just me, but in my testing for my job, I noticed the same thing whether or not the DVR-112D was hooked up to a duplicator controller or the PC, I noticed the drive can burn/read DVDs with no problem, but the ability to burn a CD was lost. Can read CDs fine though. But trying to use Nero CD/DVD speed with the DVR-112D and burning a data disc for analysis, the drive reports an error.

Also, anyone have any problems with this occurring after upgrading the firmware? I’m hearing things about the ability to write CDs being lost after a firmware update for the drives. Any reports?

You cannot make a comparison with a duplicator (device), never ever.

They require special firmwares to properly work!!!

Actually, the drives come with stock firmware. The very same firmware the DVR-112D comes with and Pioneer usually posts on their site. We have to code the firmware for the controllers to conform to the drives, not the other way around. Some drive manufacturers create special firmware for them to work, but Pioneer does not.

How do you want to know that, just by checking the firmware number?? :confused:

Not quite: I think we’re getting our signals crossed. What I’m saying is, is that we don’t request special firmware with the Pioneer drives. They come with whatever Pioneer loads them with.

Sure, but some Duplicator firmwares want that firmwares and others want “that”.

Its a hit and miss with that dupis, at least with most of them. :wink:

Hi all,
Basically there’s 2 threads here: 1 is for DVR-212, which can have CD problems which appear to be caused by chipset compatibility or controller settings.
The second is for DVR-112 which seems to have some problems writing CD, sometimes right away sometimes after a period of time. We are looking into this at the moment. We are trying to assess whether its a media compatibility issue or what exactly we can do about it. If you have the problem, the best thing you can do is contact your local Pioneer support and get their instructions.

thanks a ton for looking into this for us. I can only hope something good will come from this situation finally being taken care of. If you have any questions you can certainly come to me as I have this issue and it is unrepairable without a new drive. I know it isn’t a media issue as all media causes my drive to act the way it does where as it was working fine for 3 months before hand. The drive simply quits on reading/writing CD’s and like you we have no clue why.