Question 4201

System P 4, 1.8 GHZ. hd 80 gig, 384 ram, video card G-force 4 4600 ti 128ram, Recorders HP 9310i Lite-on 40125s, CD-rom toshiba XM-6702B My question is I read with the toshiba (MOHAA) game, settings fast error skip, wrote with HP9310i used emulate settings close session. why is it when i run the game in the toshiba I have to check hide cdr option in order for it to run. I am just testing. i always use my lite-on to burn safedisc anyway but never had to check hide-cdr when playing the back-up in the toshiba when I used the lite-on to burn an image. :rolleyes: again Im just curious.

Information is stored on the disc and used on the fly by CloneCD

thanks for the quick response futureproof:bow: