Question 4 Warezmaffia



Hi I've just looked at your site and am impressed, however that pop up window that you display the info on is really annoying, especially as you have to close it to move to another cd in the same group, why not have a back button?

Anyway enough crips...

When I place an prder with what form of payment do you take? I take it is Credit Cards etc.

Also have you or any of your other clients ever had any problems with customs and excise - ie when shipping to the UK for instance????




Hi, my friend,

Please mail us at and we will give you all the info you might need.





I would NOT order at warezmaffia, 'cause they are slow and unreliable.

I’m still waiting for the replacement for the “famous” xmas offer (CB46). They do not answer mail anymore …



Hi to all.
Sometimes a lot of things goes wrong.
It may happen that a lot of stuffs are intercepted and destroyed by the police.
The same dealers that have buyed that stuffs
loss their money for this action.
And the customers loss their money in the same way.
It’s the risk of those affairs, everyone know
I think that no-one is obliged to replace
or substitute that stuffs, nobody on the net
do this!
And remember that I’m also waiting for that replacements, because time ago I have pre-payed the Christmas pack!
And I know that my money may be loss on the way for so many reasons (one of them: MUMMY CREW ).
So, I wait without problems, without pretends.
Still, I’m not payed to tell this, this time
I have only pre-payed



Well okay,

just wait … I for myself won’t order again …

Have a nice time waiting, but fact is:
it takes too long to deliver stuff to germany.



i think scarface is honest , we both have some problems but i think we start again.


Yow, ppl we are working on it!
Ej Larek is that really you,? Plz mail me, ( we can talk about some things that went wrong in the past, so we can talk about the future.

Friendly Greetz



Hi Scarface,

well, tell me:

Will there be any replacement for the xmas offer, as you stated times before, or do I have to order cb46 somewhere else :-)))



very interesting