I want to purchase a dvd r . I have 2 options
1st Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-R/CD-R

Can someone tell me wich one I should get ?

and if the one that I buy will copy dvds. I read some articles about decoding the encription.


I don’t think it’s possible to copy dvd movie to a dvd-r because the “cheap” dvd-r the track where the css protection is located is already burened. I checked it on pioneer dvd-r an a noname dvd-r, i own a pioneer a03 dvd writer."

So… what dvd-r should I get that don’t have the css area burned?

thank you


for dvd wirhout the css track closed, i think you need authoring dvd’s

where do you get those blank dvd r for authoring ? (web page link please )

thank you

when you live in holland try, but try to get more info on how to copy a dvd with css prot first. I am not totally sure you can use them for copying a protected dvd.