Quest. regarding smart-burn



I have a ltd 163 fw gh5e modified with this r11... utility to make it rpc1 (dunno if it is a ltd 163 D or whatever letter there could be- would it show under hardware options in winxp ?) and a ltr 32123s fw xsox.

The question is what exactly does it mean when (while burning) the light od the burner flashes from red (long time) to orange (for a short period only) and the back to red.

Does this mean that there occured a buffer underrun which was prevented by smart-burn?

And which burn progg does generate a logfile which includes how many buffer underuns occured(how often smart-burn was needed?

Would this automatic check of the burner (which does check what speed can be safely used by the burner) modify the settings I used in my burn proggy or would the settings remain as I set them to max but internally the burner would burn only at the slower speed allowed by this check?



It’s when it’s changing write speed it flashes like that. Like when it’s going from 24x upp to 32x.

Never heard of any logfiles that says when it prevented buffer under-run, sorry.


I would have been interested in such logfiles just to know if the selected write speed was too fast for the reader or maybe for the whole system.