Quest: how big is your music archive?



I’ll start with a bit of show off!

92,5 GB (99.402.285.056 bytes)

23942 Files, 659 Folders

All of my material is original and ripped from my OWN cd’s. :slight_smile:


About 40GB. Built from my own CDs - but I’m only about halfway through building my library, I did the CDs that are important to me first.


Forgot to mention quantity is not quality :stuck_out_tongue: but this is just for fun :wink:


almost 40G
mp4a @192


I got 13 DVD backups of my CD collection. Quality matters so I always encode at 320kBit/s. Its not worth encoding at lower rates since storage solutions are so cheap now and higher rates give noticably higher quality.


I encode @ 192kbps CBR using LAME, cant stand anything lower than 160Kbps. Im sure theres a better format and a better way of doing it but im quite happy as it is.


I only use VBR now, max at 320kbps, min at 192kpbs :slight_smile:


Although you guys probably won’t believe me … I have no music archive. :rolleyes: :o


Mine: the songs my wife sang and played (on a winamp intercast.) One DVD is enough. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, terabyes would not be difficult but for what? The songs of my wife and the sound my daughter are enough. Seriously, I’d like to play the home-made music and video files on my MP3 phones. The latest PMP players and PDA phones don’t look good enough either.


About 10 crates full


i have no idea, about 750 cdroms i think


about 15 DVD’s containing MP3 and 150 Original CD’s

Mp3 is just the music that I normally not would have bought…


My daughter loves the CD disks I burned, either sucessfully or unsucessfully. I saw her trying to taste some today. :sad:

Some are used for mobiles from the ceiling.

There are still some music CD’s (either pressed or CD-R, in CD Audio format) but I rarely listen to music. Too lazy for choosing the tracks, not to mention which CD’s of all.


Huge Library + Shuffle will solve that for you.

My own library is only about 3 gigs of OGG files @ 192kbits I’ve just recently started building it to listen to my cd’s in my MP3 player I got for christmas


[li]about 15 CDs with downloaded music
[/li][li]about 2 Gb unsorted downloads on my hard disk
[/li][li]338 original audio CDs


15 original CDs (including itsi bitsi spider, ABC, and old mc donald had a farm eeyaa eeya yoo).
2 DVD Audio


Hmm. I meant CD disks, not the files on HDDs. I sometimes have terabytes on PC. It’s easy to find something from a PC, networked or not if organized well enough. Not so easy if they are thousands of CD disks. Of course, I can always listen to music from a PC, but a PC is noisy. (My computers cannot but be noisy as the drives are all exposed and lots of cheap 80mm fans are running.)


About 500 original CDs…
of which only few made it to MP3…20 GB


A little less than 200 original CDs… all converted to MP3 or OGG (CDs are too bulky :p)… in all, I have only a little less than 20 GB of MP3/OGG music.


i have exactly 1000 mp3 cds (all my collections stop at 1000 because of numbering systems in divx collection programs - so now i’m writing my own media collection software), with anywhere between 1 and 16 albums on a disc, 99% of discs burned contain between 680 and 704 mb, i’m currently tagging & renaming to weed out busted albums, duplicates and broken files, but all told… i have around 13-14,000 albums. this is mainly due to jazz… i have 275 different albums between miles davis and john coltrane alone. most of these are encoded at 192 or 128, as storage and $ WAS an issue when i started this collection in college. they will be re-encoded with lame-vbr at some point.

and if anyone’s wondering, no i did not buy ALL these cds BUT i did buy 99% of the jazz, which accounts for: about 1/3 of the collection, my encyclopedic knowledge of music stores in nyc, and maybe 3 or 4 years of my life.