Quest for the Longest Thread on CD Freaks!



Hopefully you had today off; that sure is a long working day.

Happy St. Patrick’s day. :giveshamrock:


Well i have to say that Sunday was a good day, I stopped at 14:00 and went out for dinner and after that for a coffee.
Its nice to have some free time.


Lets take a peek at my schedule for next week…

Monday and Wednesday; 800 to 1700 working at the clinic, 1800 to 2300 at my practice
Tuesday and Thursday; 800 to 1800 at the clinic, 18:00 to 2100 at my research lab
Friday; 800 to 1800 at the clinic, rest of day off lucky me
Saturday; speaker at a seminar till 1400, thereafter work at the lab till 18:00, then off
Sunday off till 2100, then work for at least 4-5 hours at home.

I feel blessed



I have to say that your schedule looks very impressive.


That sure is an extensive schedule, at least 72 hours! :open_mouth:

That is at least 50% over the maximum 48 hours/week limit allowed here in Ireland.






I did not get it, sorry.


its the topic for the longest thread, so you, or me dont have to get it :wink:
just enjoy it.


HeadacheLife-DT-ST has a shitty philosophy:

  • Permanent speed limit once encountering damage.
  • Disabled proper scanning.


Well its time to listen to some megadeth, and this its time for So far, so good, so what?

I still have this t-shirt :wink: its only +20 years old but the art work is still outstanding.


Such is the life of a (good) doctor. :flower::flower:

Are you still into pulmonology? How’s little Hemi getting on?


It’s over the EU Working Time Directive limits as well.

Doctors are still routinely working illegal hours in this country. Officially 90 hour weeks are a thing of the past & illegal, but in reality most doctors (not just juniors) are frequently working 80+ hour weeks.

Some consultants say that working only 48-60 hours a week is not enough time for junior doctors to be adequately trained and they won’t see the variety of cases they need to gain enough knowledge & experience in 3 years.




/me is tired, me needs sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder has anyone ever heard back from Google after using the “Send feedback” feature with any of their products, such as YouTube, its Apps, etc. I sent feedback many times over the years (mainly bugs or feature requests), but not once ever got a response.

For comparison, when I used the feedback feature on Microsoft’s products, I got a response on a few occasions. For example, if I mentioned a bug, on occasion I would get an e-mail from Microsoft asking for more details.


I havent included any 24hour shifts at the Dept in this schedule because I was off this week. Add another 4 24hour shifts per month to this, maybe at times two in the same week.

I have calculated that I work for an average of 100-120h/week depending on the week, an this has been the case for the past 2 years at least.

To quote Trent Reznor… Burn!


You are right, doctors and the EU directive dont really get along… Junior docs are mostly on the front line, usually around 100h/week here in Greece depending on the specialty of course.

As for little Hemis, there are two now; my daughter is almost 5 years old, and little boy Hemi is 2 1/2 now - missed most of the growing up routine, that’s surely a regret there when the final calling comes.


That’s sad. :frown: Hopefully you’ll have a bit more time to spend with them in the future as your career progresses. Maybe you’ll even have time for a third little Hemi? :flower:

That said, the days when NHS consultants in this country could spend more time on the golf course than in a hospital are long gone. They’re not even allowed a nice weekend away at a luxury hotel paid for by a pharmaceutical company any more. At least they’re not supposed to. But it seems that sort of thing still happens on the quiet, except they now claim it earns points towards their mandatory ongoing professional training requirements.

Keep up the good work. :flower:



You are back in Greece?