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Can somebody post a reply and make it a Wiki?
I would like to test whether it can be liked.


Come up to the KOOL taste, the COOLEST taste in any cigarette!

Funny old cigarette commercials are nice to watch because I feel praised for being a non-smoker, free from 5000 toxic chemicals.


I often do temporary backups of documents on a Sony DVD+RW I dedicated to that purpose.


I just made a worn CD-RW re-useable by full erase and rewrite using BE14NU40.
Zero C2 errors and 3123 C1 errors in total, peak at 34.


I need to say this again.
Are we there yet;




No. Let’s drive faster! Vroooom!

Jokes aside, I did not understand, where you mean


Evertwhere :slight_smile:
If I remember it is from the shrek movie :smiling_imp:


Also a Movie called Are We There Yet ( 2005 )


Will we reach a million posts by 2025?


WriteMaster™ ™ ™ ™ ™



See? I am a master at writing.


I decided to buy a used Microsoft Surface Pro, which I paid for by trading in my old OnePlus 2 phone and paying €53 to cover the balance. Despite the 5-year age, it had a very good spec at the time (Core i5-3317U, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, 1920x1080 display) the equivalent to a modern mid-range laptop. It came with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled. On the downside, it is clearly well used (lots of scratches/blemishes on the sides/back) and a few pressure marks on the display that are noticeable on dark images/video.

One thing that surprised me is how well it works with touch alone as it only came with the power supply, no pen, keyboard, etc. It also boots and restarts pretty quick, 8 seconds to the desktop or 16 seconds from touching ‘Restart’ to back at the desktop. It seemed pretty quick installing the various updates and Office 365. In fact, I don’t see what benefit a newer Windows tablet would offer me other than being lighter/thinner.

In comparison to my brother’s Lenovo 10" Android tablet, this Surface tablet is a fair bit heavier and a little thicker. On the other hand, I had no issue with using it for about 30 minutes handheld checking its features, browsing the web, etc. It’s certainly a lot easier to touch links and buttons than on my smaller 7" Kindle Fire tablet, no need to zoom in.

One main reason I was interested in a Windows tablet is for travelling. I got caught out one year when I urgently had to remotely troubleshoot something at work and had to get at a Windows PC. Another is being able to run the full Office suite, particularly Publisher. Another nice feature is being able to browse the web without running into websites that insist on showing the cut-down mobile/responsive version even with the browser set in ‘Desktop’ mode.

5 years ago, I would never have considered buying any used computing equipment. However, with how little mobile CPUs have improved in recent years, the cost of a modern entry level laptop would buy a very capable 4-5 year old laptop, particularly ex-corporate laptops that are usually in better condition. The obvious downside is hoping that the screen is defect/scratch free.


I am currently using my Huawei p9 lite, daily for almost everything that I normally do on my pc, and so far the experience is very poor, especially using the YouTube app, who had the bright idea to stop playback on a video when you minimize the app; I wish I had my dell laptop wit me.


It was due to the YouTube Red subscription service. A few years ago, I received an invite for Google Music Key. One of its features was indeed the ability to play YouTube videos in the background or with the screen switched off on Android. Once the beta came to an end, they told me that Music Key was going to become YouTube Red, but as they did not plan making it available in Ireland, I could not avail of it. So once my beta access terminated, I also lost the ability to play YouTube videos in the background. The YouTube app said I needed a YouTube Red subscription to continue using this capability. :unamused:

As for my experience with the Surface Pro, I’ve already come across a few surprising issues with using Windows 10 on a touch screen. The Windows on-screen keyboard overlays applications. For example, I cannot see this forum’s reply box with the on-screen keyboard with Firefox or Chrome, unless I switch the keyboard to a miniature dialogue Window that I can move about the screen. In Edge, it automatically pushes the text boxes above the keyboard, however, Edge had its own issues! Two websites I regularly use don’t work properly in Edge with touch. The top menus don’t work on and I cannot use the map on, unless I use a mouse on both websites. However, both Firefox and Chrome work fine with touch, so it didn’t take me long to switch to use Firefox as my main browser on the Surface Pro. :wink:

The main time I use my phone for browsing is on the move, such as in a waiting room. At home, I’ve hardly used it over the past few days as I find it much handier grabbing the tablet, particularly for the desktop mode with websites. This was not the case with my 7" tablet, where I didn’t see much advantage with using it over my phone as most websites insist on showing the cut-down mobile/responsive version even with that screen size.


This gives a better idea of how the Windows tablet compares with my phone and the Kindle Fire on this forum when replying to a thread:

On the phone in the middle, I can see what I’m typing, but nothing else. On the Kindle Fire tablet (and I’m sure most other 7" Android tablets), I can also only see what I’m typing. In forced desktop mode as shown here, the edit box doesn’t display properly and I can’t even see what I’m typing, let alone anything else! On the left Windows tablet, I see pretty much the same as on my desktop PC and can read above posts as I type without having to keep minimising the edit box. The on-screen keyboard (which I can drag) is the same size as my phone’s on-screen keyboard and doesn’t take up half the screen like on the Kindle.


No I will not sudcribe to YouTube red, the only solution that I have found, is to use firefox. Youcan play anything you like within firefox and youcan have the screen off.
But firefox really destroys the 2GB of ram that my phone has.


That’s one way to get around the limitation. :slight_smile:

Firefox Focus might be worth trying also as it doesn’t load ads or save data, so uses less RAM. The following example shows the RAM usage of both Firefox and Firefox Focus with just the YouTube homepage open:

Firefox vs Focus on YouTube

Then again, as Firefox Focus saves nothing, you’ll need to keep logging into YouTube to play from subscriptions, your own playlists, etc.

At work I had a rather unusual request from someone that stopped by. She wanted Wi-Fi in her apartment, but rather than get a broadband service such as VDSL, she thought it would be easier to sign up with a SIM-only mobile contract and try using an old iPhone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. She had no luck with this and from my own quick look at the iPhone, it seems like it’s not compatible with the SIM. I’m not that familiar with Apple products (it was an old iPhone 4) and it just endlessly said ‘Searching…’, which I presume meant searching for a network. I took out the SIM and tried it in another phone I had handy (from another colleague asking to factory reset it) and sure enough the SIM worked, showing a full 4G signal. Anyway, I spoke to the one asking why she didn’t just try buying a 4G broadband package, where they provide a proper Wi-Fi router. Indeed she never knew there was such as a package… :blush:


Thanks for the tip on firefox focus, I hope that by Monday I will have my laptop so life should be easier ahain.


GDR8162B 0017 introduced DVD-RAM read support which was missing in GDR8162B 0015.