Quest for the Longest Thread on CD Freaks!



Someone is always home.


Somebody posted 8548 times here.


Oooooh look at that! I’m still in the top 15 :nerd_face:


Let’s make the thread longer with some trivial facts or lies.

:black_small_square: WapBap is my favourite song.
:black_small_square: The petabyte SD card is not far away.


This is like Twitter with infinite characters.
Well, maybe not as much as a 512GB SD card.


I need more sleep.


I wish I could take a bath inside blank discs.


Why is this thread not pinned yet?


TYG02 = Tiger02.


M-Disc is an excellent idea, but I do not like, how Millenniata is such a giant patent-boasting monster like WD-40.


WriteMaster-SH-S182 burns Maxell DVD-RW RiTEKW6 (×6) burning:

  • ×2: Failure.
  • ×4: Only 30 PIE.
  • ×6: Only 20 PIE.

×6 DVD-RWs can probably perfectly be burned at ×4.

Laptop drive, ×3, failed too.


Like the shortest thread quest.
Link:[add by desktop PC edit]




My Writing Master S182 burns everything except CD-RW.


Time to watch a movie.


CD RW. CD RW CD RW. CD RW. I was so proud of CD-RW as child.

The CD-RW-CQ by SK is already degrading after around 50 rewrite cycles at the beginning.


CD-RW-CQ starts getting stubborn after around 70 RWcycles at inner edge (probably 20 at outermost, mostly UDF reformat), and only BE14NU40 manages to burn without CU errors yet. Yet.



It’s surprising how many keys there are on a keyboard when they’re all plucked off and ready to put back.

My favourite experience was several years ago when a work colleague decided to pluck off all her keys to clean out her keyboard, only for the ‘Tab’ key to fly off and land on another one’s head. Whoops… :grin:


I love Powstro power gadgets.