Quest for the Longest Thread on CD Freaks!



I got lost on my way to mordor… therefor no post :frowning:


When ever I work with translated text at work in Word, it often shows a yellow pop-up asking if I would like to download proofing tools for the text.

While working with a Greek translation and making adjustments to text boxes, it showed up the following pop-up. :eek:

It also makes me wonder, just what makes Word believe that this is Germany text!? :grinning:

Anyway, … I dismissed the pop-up, continued making adjustments and a short while later, this popped up. Eh? :confused:

There certainly was not any Dutch text either anywhere in that document.

Just as I was making the final edits, it finally detected the correct language. :bigsmile:


I really like word, mine usually offers to install the French dictionary, and that happens when i read a doc that was written in English :stuck_out_tongue:

/me loves M$


French? :grinning:

It makes me wonder how Microsoft didn’t implement its Bing translate technology to detect the language. Even still, the Greek alphabet should be a clear indicator that it ain’t German or Dutch! :smile:

On a different topic, I think Microsoft is neglecting its own Bing search engine optimisation.

Microsoft has a Bing Maps product, so naturally you’d expect a Bing search for Maps in Microsoft’s Edge browser to return its own product . . .

Whoops . . . :wink:


it all looks Greek to me Sean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


21days with no posts, it feels like a deserted spaghetti western bar saloon in here


Indeed, at this rate it’ll probably be the year 3000 by the time this thread reaches the 100,000th post. . . :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been watching a treasure trove of 1960s and earlier documentaries on YouTube, mostly about telecommunications and computing.

Forget about LEDs, here’s a 1949 documentary on the “incredible technology” that goes into modern filament light bulbs. :smile: :bulb:


are we there yet?



So, what have I missed?:innocent:


ermm… nothing


no no no no its always something


is it something wicked?


probably no.



Well after 40 days my order for the Intel Pentium G4560 was canceled :angry: plus not the starting price is 75 euro and it goes up to 100 euro, what the f*** are those idiot thinking? :confused:
So what now?
a. Stay with the 5280K
b. Go with an AMD 1700?


We had a utensil holder in the kitchen sink drainer that was a right pain to use. Spoons slid out, forks were awkward to remove and knives kept jamming. For example, when I would lift a knife out, it lifted the whole utensil holder up, resulting in an awkward tangled mess. One thing’s for sure, ever designed this never used it for holding cutlery!

After finally replacing it with something that actually holds cutlery, I found a much more practical use for the old one . . . :smile:


Maybe if we post more scantily clad women there would be a longer thread…


According to Google, there’s no Technology stories today. :disagree:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it say that before.


All I can say is WOW unbelievable


Anybody home?


Beware - it might be a trap! :grimacing: