Quest for the Longest Thread on CD Freaks!



Time to listen to some music and drink some coffee.


[QUOTE=vroom;2773428]I like his music, but no CD’s :([/QUOTE]

As long as you have his DVD-Audio discs, there are many ways to get them into a CD disc. Just name one, a freebie called Imgburn can do that perfectly!:bigsmile:


[QUOTE=Xercus;2773432]CDs in the car! I certainly hope those are Cd-R copies of the originals :eek:

Oh yes, I have listened to him quite a bit, but only have two albums in my collection:
Reflections Of Passion {Private Music, 260652, Germany} (1990)
In celebration of Life {Private Music, 262 342, Germany} (1991)

Here’s a German artist you can check out, classically trained composer and New-Age artist Frank Duval, Alaya from his 1984 album ‘Living Like a Cry’:


Thanks for the beautiful music you shared, Xercus, I really appreciate it :bow: Music can really calm people down from daily hustles and bustles.:bigsmile:

And you made an excellent guess, the CDs I have in my car are copies made from my DVD-Audio discs. I think I’m a real Yanni fan, I almost have all his DVDs, except for some very old albums, which I guess were made in the 80s, and which are very hard to find.:slight_smile:


What two weeks with no post!?!?!?

Next thing you know, this is the shortest thread in the forum :bigsmile:

Now for some ‘facts’ about Piracy which is a popular subject in the media.

See, got you!


A beautiful thought is well, a beautiful thought.


^ That’s certainly… something.


I thought I would show you a picture of myself in the morning before I get my first cup of coffee.

Well, close enough anyway


[QUOTE=Xercus;2775400]I thought I would show you a picture of myself in the morning before I get my first cup of coffee.[/QUOTE] What kind of improvement, if any, would we see after the first cup of coffee? :smiley:


^ Internal neanderthal behavior removed / Barely noticeable in terms of looks of course


Today’s contribution


I contribute nothin… except ima fried with a big fire outside and right this moment hearing deep purple hard lovin man…
I just happened to get the munchies and thought id spew forth since i havent spewed shit here in years


oh I remember why I stopped voyaging here. Fuck I had thousands of posts but someone who? decided to take all my posts away!


You can use also “Long Path Tool” program.


The let’s include finding the Long Path Tool as part of our Quest… will we find that tool on our way to Mordor or do we need to insert a Via Point into our SatNav?


You can’t simply walk into Mordor with a long path tool, can you?


create a share close to the actual offending file (containing folder), mount a network drive and get rid of it by copying it to the root of a drive (for safe keeping) and delete it from the network drive location if you experience such a pesky file breaking the not so logic restriction.

… and we’re not even half way to mordor :bigsmile:


tired :frowning:
so walking into mordor will have to wait a few mote hours.


[QUOTE=vroom;2777850]tired :frowning:
so walking into mordor will have to wait a few mote hours.[/QUOTE] Did the Sandman put motes in your eyes? :cool:


He put something :wink: I was sleeping from 00:00 to 08:00 today and I liked it :slight_smile: to now that the batteries are charged I should be on my way to mordod :slight_smile:


How about some scenery?