Quest for the Longest Thread on CD Freaks!

Last post made here 2 months ago… we have either reached Mordor or the Quest is officially dead…

Mordor is far away. I am also away from home, and I am not very happy.

I spotted this on a forum where someone asked if a battery can store off-peak electricity.

AC battery!? :laughing:

I want to try some of these AC batteries.

:rolleyes: Not thinking has become the great epidemic of the 21st century.

The app-ocalypse is nigh! :frown:

Another three months, after that,and fingers crossed I will be back home.

I am excited.

where the heck are you?

Είμαι στην Κω, και αρχίζω να μετράω της μέρες για να σηκωθώ και να φύγω, αυτά δεν τα έκανα ούτε στο στρατό,
and if all goes as planned, I should be home early in November.

Then I will be happy.

The night is dark, and full of terrors.

I am still questing…

Less than two weeks.

I think I found it…main-qimg-ebf600760ffb4b78ef35bfa59c710a4b-c

Mine was always at the same place, no need to search for it :slight_smile:

9th of November is getting closer.

Well today its the day that I’ll be back home.
I am excited.




I had my first experience of using a new document binding machine at work. Despite reading the small instruction booklet, I learned that it’s not as simple as I thought or at least how not to use a binding machine!

The first stage started off fine - Insert a bunch of pages and push the lever to punch the holes and repeat for the rest of the document, front and back covers.

Then came the binding comb. I went according to the booklet on trying to attach it. The instructions said to push the lever down and then the comb fired out, struck the ceiling and landed across the room. My manager then called out from the other room out asking what happened… :flushed:

I retrieved the comb and tried again, this time watching as I pushed down the lever. I realised I had to lock it partially down and not push the full way. At this point, I attached the document pages and covers on the spikes, released the lever and all looked fine until I tried lifting off the document, … the comb got stuck to the binder.

The instructions just said to nudge the comb to the left to release, but that didn’t seem to do much. Eventually I realised I need to push the lever down the full way, unlike when I had no pages on at the very start. This time it made a snap sound, the comb popped off leaving just the document on the spikes. :thinking:

I tried a few more attempts with attaching the comb in various orientations, followed by the document pages/covers and at one point manged to get pinch my finger, trying not to yelp… Eventually after many unsuccessful attempts (and another query from the manger from all noise) I managed to get that comb on the document and had a bit of relief.

Now just need to bind another 9 documents . . .

I purchased a “toy” hole punch/binding machine when my daughter started secondary school in 2006. The idea was any projects she had to do would then look professional and would attract a higher then possibly deserved mark and not piss the teacher off by putting each page into a plastic sleeve which needed to be extracted for marking (I had a cunning plan M’lord). Punching the holes was a pain since it would only take 5 or 6 sheets at a time so binding various technical manuals for myself could take some time and there was inevitably the odd page or 10 that had screwed up holes and a reprint of wonky punched pages was needed.

It was 2 years after getting my setup that I found a new binding machine. The pages were placed into a front/back cover which had some glue along the spline. This was then placed into a heating machine that melted the glue and kept all the pages in booklet form. Unfortunately by then, I had all the clear front and cardboard back covers in 3 different colours (blue, black and red) plus the combs in same colours in 4 different sizes. This made it too wasteful to throw away and replace it with the non comb version. Last thing I bound was the manual for a Nokia 6.1 Plus so my wife could read it and learn how to fully use the phone.

My daughter no longer requires bound documents. She has 2 Bachelor and 2 Masters Degrees and is working in a company that will make a more professional document than I ever could.

I hope your remaining document combing went off without a hitch.

Today went a lot better than the last day, although indeed experienced the same issue you mention with it not punching the holes properly at times. In my case it turned out the plastic bits from punching the covers were sticking inside the punching mechanism causing it to randomly jam or misalign when punching the pages. As a workaround, I punched all the covers and ran the vacuum cleaner hose cover the base of the binder mechanism. It then went flawless with punching all the pages as these punched pieces did not build up static, which the plastic punch pieces did.

I eventually got a hang of fitting the binding combs with the main trick being to lift the pages and tilt them about 45 degrees up before pushing the lever to release the comb spikes. Of course one mistake I kept doing was forgot to first fit the binding comb, only to be left with lifting off the unbound stack of pages.

At least I had no more binding combs shoot off today… :smile: