Quest for the Holly Firmware



After reading a lot of threads in the forum, looking for the “best” firmware upgrade for my NEC 2500A, I feel quite confused.

While “best” fits differently to different people, depending on their priorities in features, burning speed, quality, compatibility etc, it would greatly help if there was some kind of summary on these aspects, for each version of firmware (stock or not). What makes things worse is the fact that for some people “best” characterizes firmwares which successfully burn a specific brand of discs. Although respectable, it adds even more confusion.

As a new member in this forum (as new as in DVD burning), I do not have any experience/knowledge on previous versions of firmware and I have concluded that I cannot sort out yours (thank you for sharing it).

I think that most of your knowledge/experience could be roughly summarized in four tables. One listing which firmwares support features such as rpc-1, bit setting etc, and three more, listing in descending order best performers for burning speed, produced quality and support for special or problematic media.

Do you find it realistic?


My 107v2 Beta 4 will offer you everything you’ll dream of :slight_smile:



You are awesome…would this include the G04 patch (which you made in herriestock) as well ?
Also would this be usable with other media ( including G04 ) ?

Also when is this coming out ?
Thanks much :slight_smile:


Yes, including G04 patch :slight_smile:

Available here:


Thank you much :slight_smile:


I have some questions concerning the difference between Herrie’s and TDB’s modifed firmwares.

I am using NEC ND-2500 DVD-Recorder. I need to use modifed just for region code and rip lock speed issues, so I am not so concerned with the bittseting issue. I want to try a modified firmware for NEC ND-2500a 1.06 (from 2003) version .

I have noticed that there are two types, one produced by Herrie and the other by TDB. Could you please tell me if there are important differences between these two?

If I have flashed the firmware using either Herrie or TDB modified, can I flash it back to the stocked one using STOCK106.bin fromTDB’s site? May I flash it back even if the original firmware for my device was 1.06 2004 version?

Also, may I later on flash it to modified 1.07 on a modified 1.06 firmware, or should I modify to 1.07 on a stocked firmware?

I would appreciate if someone answers my (dumb) questions.




You can flash whatever you want, using the DOS-Tool from TDB. If you want to flash to the official 1.07 firmware with the windows flasher you need to be on stock 1.06 first (yes, here it behaves this way; the drive isn’t recognized correctly otherwise).



Adding to Legnerp’s comments …

Its probably safer to flash in DOS all of the time … try to avoid flashing in windoze…
that would save you some headaches down the line …


Thanks for your replies. Given my specified needs, do you recommend TDB’s or Herrie’s modifed fw 1.06? I would also ask for the location of the DOS-Tool from TDB? Thanks for your help!


Legnerp, when you mentioned DOS-tool from TDB, is it the Firmware flasher NEC2X00A.EXE version 1.01? And it seems that TDB’s RPC1 and Rip Lock firmware 1.06 is based on Windows and not on DOS? Where is the DOS version? And to repeat, what is in your opinion best, Herrie’s or TDB’s?


TDB’s only remove riplock and do RPC1, mine also improved the media support + all the features of TDB’s firmware :slight_smile:


DOS Flasher

Looks like you can’t go wrong with the latest Herrie FW for compatibility with wide range of media.


Herrie, thanks for your support and your work. I really appreciate it. I will send a nice postcard. :slight_smile:

Are the following two statements correct?

[li]The thing you say above is a comparison between your 1.06 and TDB’s 1.06
[/li][li]If I use either your or TDB’s fw, I might later on flash fw back to stocked version located at TDB’s site

Once again, thanks for your replies and support!

Kalkas the Newbie


When I said Herrie’s 1.06, I meant the modified fw enabling RPC1 and removing Rip Lock located at Herrie’s site:

Herries Download Section for NEC ND-2500A Based Records

I would suggest that the title for the modified fw for NEC 2500A 1.06 (19-12-2003) should indicate that it both removes Rip Lock and enables RPC1.

Kalkas the Newbie


Hi Kalkas!

Download Herries most recent firmware here:

There is a DOS and a windows version offered…

And YES! You can flash from this one to any firmware you want!
You can flash up and down and forward and backward until you’ll get a headache from flashing all the time :bigsmile:
You can flash as long as the chip dies (about 1000 times) :stuck_out_tongue:



Greatly appreciated :bow:

The support found for NEC’s drive is more valuable than the drive itself! :slight_smile: