Quest: 3520 Firmware Versions and Liggy's and Dee's Firmware

Hi, I’ve been lurking around for a while, but have to say I am slightly confused as to the firmware versions around.

On the list of firmware page
There are now 5 original NEC 1.04 firmware versions and 1 1.24 version.

From what I can see the 1.24 = 1.04 1st apart from bitsetting.
1.04 5th and 1.04 4th are the same too except date.

Shouldn’t that mean that burns from 1.24 and 1.04 1st should be the same ?

Now what does Liggy’s and Dee’s firmware patches do ?

I understand that riplock is removed, rpc1 is freed.
I understand that some media is allowed to burned at higher speeds.

Do the straegies change ? (what are stragegies?)
Shouldn’t 1.04 4th be better than the patched versions since the writing strategies are of a higher level.

And what does adding Ritek DL mean ? Since the original recognised it too

As you can tell I am a tad confused.

If I am not currently interested in rpc1 and riplock removal, should I just use 1.04 4th ?


Please read the threads.
Any questions you have can be answered there.