[qanda]This thread is about the Matshita UJ-850S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi there,

I have a Sony vaio VGC-LS1 desktop with a built in Matshita UJ-846S DVD RAM drive which died.

I am being offered a Pansonic UJ- 890 which I turned down cause I was never satisfied with the performance of the earlier drive…could hardly burn a 700 MB CDR.

My queries are:

What other brand IDE/ATAPI slim, slot loading multi super drive do you recommend…the best in your opinion.

Can I install an IDE tray type lapto drive to it…with a 40 pin connector on end end & XX- pin for the drive & which brands?

Could I install a SATA drive, any davatage of it over IDE?

I like my USB Sony DRX-S70U drive…can I find a similar in function, in slot slim loading or tray type IDE?

Hoping to hear from you,


Pics of the dead Matshita UJ 846 drive.

[B]Which in your opinions are one of the best, versatile, stable, reliable slimline slot loading super multi burners?
Since I need to replace the dead matshita…

Hoing to hear from you smart geniuses,



I suggest using search, we discussed this in various threads.

Can a USB optical drive be converted to an IDE like IDE to USB?

Usually that is the case: internal drive + adaptor + external makes it an external drive…

I agree…But can’t an adaptor + USB drive make it a external but default.

Cause my default boot drive Matshita died.

& don’t have a boot option in bios from a USB optical…?

I have a Sony DRX-S70U USB drive…can I convert it to an external placed IDE optical drive?

Hi there,

I gotta a free Pansonic/Matshita UJ-870 QF (what ImageBurn displays) Tray loading drive from Sony…manufactured 2009…in Philipines…Firmware is 1.00…Image Burn displays that their is a newer firmware 1.01 at Firmware HQ…although on the drive its labeled…Panasonic/Matshita UJ- 870 S…should I flash it?

screen shots…for your expert opinions/views.


I can’t answer your question on if the “S” firmware is for your drive or not.

Over the years i have gotten to were i only flash a drive if my media doesn’t work good or if it fixes an issue for say CD burning.

I only use Tayio Yuden media so firmware fix for them is pretty much NIL.

I have some drives i have never flashed since i got them. There has been no reason for it in other words.

So with that said does this new drive burn your media crappy?

No it burns media ok…I use Nero 7 & Verbatim media ONLY!

Its a bit slow that I can understand coz of the brand & the machine is a hybrid…desktop, note book, TV.