Query re CD tracks

Hello I am new to this forum. I have a query hopefully someone can answer. I sometimes have a large single WAV file to burn to CD, and where the music has a number of sections, each of which requires a separate track on the CD. I want to be able to put a marker on the wav file which will direct the burner to create a new track where required. At present I do this by cutting up the wav files (using a wav editor) in to smaller files, but this is time consuming. For CD burning I use the bundled “Sonic Record Now DX” application which came with the samsung DVD/CD drive, but this doesn’t do the above. I would be grateful for help/suggestions on this.

Well, there are burning programs where you give the big file, and then you tell it where to split the file - like a mini-wav editor - and the split will happen on the burned disc. You can also insert indexes in the tracks (some players can use indexes as well as new tracks for navigation). Nero and SwiftDisc are two such programs. I haven’t really checked Sonic for that feature.