Query about poor features of Philips DVDR 3460

Philips DVDR 3460, purchased dec 2006.

Tell me why for example:

  • you cannot record from internal DVD drive to HDD (copying from external DVD player works!)
  • the USB port supports only playback of jpg’s and mp3
  • it takes a few seconds to change channel
  • the responsiveness of the remote buttons are very low
  • there are so few playback options (like time search that even my 5 yo Philips player does)
  • it is so slow to power up…

I too am disapointed with the DVDR 3460.

I thought from the printed blurb I would have been able to store mp3s and photos on the 250gb HD, but no such luck, why?

The remote buttons are so small and it feels like you have to press them really hard to operate them, from the previous post I now realise it’s just a slow response.

Why did Philips block transfers to the Hard disc from the DVD and USB, I can’t beleive it’s a technical issue? :a