Querie about burning using Nero 6 and a ND4550

Im not sure if this is in the correct place, if not put it down to my n00bness. ive only recently discovered this forum and its helping quite a bit.

my problem is that i purchased the nd4550 which seems to be a great drive (i was using a pioneer 105 and needed an upgrade), my reason for buying the nec was that id got a new dell dimension350 pc which didnt do anything i wanted it to do, but the dvdRw created a vcd using nero 6 in just under 25 mins, which to me this was brilliant!!, but my own drive burned the disc in well over an hour, and a dvd with tv episodes on it in 5 hours. i thought if that model (which i cant remember :confused: ) was good then the latest model would be better, so i upgraded but the nec is burning them at the same speed, give or take a few minutes. Does anyone know what the problem would be? at the minute im using crap imation 8x dvds and mr.data 52x cds for my vcds. The dvds had alot of errors when i burnt data but seem good with video, the cds are perfect all round.

ive upgraded the firmware with liggy and dees upgrade, but im pretty much a n00b at that, im just wondering if ive missed something.

My system is : celeron 1.2, 768mb ram, 250gb hdd 40 gb hdd, nec nd4550, geforce 5200 256mb, matshita sr8585 dvdrom.

its all beginning to annoy me. thanks for any help guys :bow:

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My guess is that you are converting some .mpg video files to DVD format while burning, which outperforms your PC, so this was no burning issue. Use nero cdspeed and create a data disk or burn a usual data disk (no video DVD) to check if this causes your problem. Using a RW disk will help to save money on this tests.