Queen says it will bring back freddy mercury on stage



Now rock band Queen is joining the bring back
dead entertainer on stage. They insist he won’t be
a hologram like they did with Elvis,and Tupac. They
say he will be an optical illussion ? My sense just clone


[B]Seeing is believing![/B]


Maybe , their going to do through CGI . like they did in the Elvis King lives tours.
Also they probably need the money?:slightly_smiling_face:


I think the ‘appearance’ they were referring to was the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. They took footage of him doing his sing & response bit with the audience, taken (probably) from the Wembley 1986 concert, applied a dissolve effect and showed it on a screen cluster suspended over the middle of the stadium.

Should be available on Youtube if you missed it.


Or it could be bringing him back on the big screen using CGI. Similar to how they brought back Elvis.
Why not? He’s been gone now a long time.:neutral_face:


So, finally the only meant “on stage in a movie”…?!