Qucik and Clean

Hi all,

I am interested in making quick simple backups of the main movies of my DVDs for use when I travel. Do you know what software combination will alow me to do this? They are all my own store bought movies. I am hoping for some shareware solutions, but will pay for software that’s proven to perform.


DVD decryptor and dvdshrink are very good and both free then to burn you could use nero (not free but i suspect most people already have it bundled with drives etc)

Just out of curiosity— how long does it take to back up one 2 hour main movie feture using the DVD Decrypter DVD Shrink and Nero?

Well I can’t speak for the DVD Shrink Nero Combo, But I use a very user friendly combo of AnyDVD and Clone DVD 2.0 it does everything and I mean everything for you, and easily. A backup takes about half an hour depending on the disk size and burner speed.

I purchased the DVDClone/AnyDVD combo and it worked fairly well for two weeks. I have done something to screw it up though… Talk about a challenge. This has become an obsession.

DVD Decrypter is great for ripping the entire dvd unmodified to you hdd if your have ntfs as your file system. dvdshrink is great for modifying that file…or ripping on just the main movie. I use both, happy with them.:slight_smile: