Qubid beezid are they good auction sites or rip offs

I always see these adds on these auction sites
QUBIDS.BEEZID, and others. They claim you can
bid for new products such as HDTV’S, APPLE LAPTOPS,
STEREOS ETC… My question is are these sites good
auction sites?,or do they get you in shipping cost’s or
some other fees?
Thanks ZAP:eek:

[QUOTE=zap em;2582118]or do they get you in shipping cost’s or
some other fees?
Thanks ZAP:eek:[/QUOTE]

Answer is [B]yes[/B] and [B]yes[/B] they rip you off big time on shipping most of them are something
like $5 or $6 or more just to ship a little plastic gift card to you.

Then most of those sites that you see on the Internet ads that say they offer cheap stuff
that you see advertised for instance like a $9.99 new laptop system or .99¢ for say a PS3
XBox 360 etc. etc. charge you anywhere from .75¢ to $1.00 or more per bid plus then if you
do win it you have to turn around and pay them again for what the final bid price was plus
the cost of shipping so you would be cheaper most of the time to just pay retail price some
where for it.

You see they advertise it for say $9.99 but you will never get it for that price because it might
take you several hundred bids on the penny auction because each bid is called a penny but it
costs you .75¢ or more and it takes 999 bids to make the $9.99 advertised price.

Ok say you won it for the price of $59.99 after bidding say 990 bids @.75¢ which comes out to
be $742.50 after buying the bids for .75¢ each then you have to turn around and pay them again
the final bid price of $59.99 plus the shipping charge with would be quite high on a laptop if the
little plastic gift cards are $5.00 or more to send one of them to you then I’d have to guess to ship
you a laptop would be more than likely as much or more than the final bid price of $59.99 or higher.

You would have somewhere around $852.00 in a $300.00 - $500.00 laptop that is how they can say
they sell stuff cheap like that. Okay now take the selling price of say $59.99 for a laptop @.75¢ per
bid that is 5999 bids on the penny auctions so they get $4,499.25 + the $59.99 = $4,559.24 off of
that one $300-400 laptop :eek: :doh:

Boys and girls can you say [B]Major Rip Off[/B] :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :iagree: :iagree:

Thanks. that’s what I thought. Like the old saying
is " If it’s too good to be true?,it usually is"
Thanks again ZAP.:(:frowning: