Quarantine won't burn

I did a sucessful rip but it won’t burn. I’m using Staples dvd-r 16x and imgburn at 8x. I 've already has 3 coasters.

post burn log from imgburn

I get it to burn, using Taiyo 8x Premiums, and basic Nero Burner (also trying default burner thru Fab Plat - Rip said it was okay, but playback is VERY choppy and titles jump around… driving me crazy. Miracle at St Anna is doing similar things too

You have a thread about your issue already and you posting here about your issue can be seen as highjacking :frowning:

Can be you must have been in a good mood today

OK, I usually use Taiyo Yuden for my back ups but I do have a large selection of cheap media and I just did this movie as a test for you using a staples DVD+R 16x disc as I have no DVD-R 16x staples blanks and it burned with no problems at 12x using ImgBurn. It played back with no errors so we need to see those burn longs that Jethro asked you to post for us. I almost forgot what dvdfab are you using: dvdfab gold, dvdfab platinum or the free version?

Agree, a burn log would be most helpful in finding the problem.

Yeah I do have those moments :bigsmile:

Just my 2 cents here, that movie was a waste of money, ended up just throwing it away but FAB ver will burn this movie with no problems using good media anyway he got it straightened out in his other thread

i have the latest of dvdfab 5 and same thing----i can rip it to hard drive but cant burn it----i guess the movie industry is trying their hardest

Can’t burn it doesn’t tell us a thing, did you get any error codes or what, if you can rip it to the hard drive then FAB works, what burning engine are you ytrying to use ? Myself I would use the ImgBurn burn engine and use good grade media