Quantum Computer has been built - Maybe

A COMMERCIAL outfit claims that it is ready to release what it is calling the first quantum computer.

D-Wave of British Columbia has promised to demonstrate a quantum computer next week that can carry out 64,000 calculations at the same time in parallel “universes”. The computer can massively speed up searches and optimisation calculations.


But will it run Windows Vista???

It’s the “parallel universes” claim in the article that makes me call BS.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Yup. Sounds like BS in any universe. :rolleyes:

Still you get temporal distortions when you mess around with parallel universes, and the machine has probably invented itself in the future and sent itself back through time.

Paralell universes? Oooooooookay.

It suggests that the article writer didn’t understand wtf the designers were going on about.

No parallel universes are involved :stuck_out_tongue:

Quantum computing is funky :stuck_out_tongue:
Stick in a question & it can compute “Yes, No, Maybe , Maybe not” … all simultaneously :wink: and provide every single answer … The trick is getting the one that is correct :stuck_out_tongue:

That said … Folding at home & Seti at home, and all those funky projects that involve 1000’s of chips is over.
Quantum computers crank bllions of times faster :wink:
Oh … and forget about encryptions … cracked in a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

How about an EIGHTY core processor? :eek:

Oh dear … Silicon valley has been outsourced …

Looks like it has been demostrated and is REAL!!!

MORE THAN 20 years earlier than expected, D-Wave Systems showed off what it claims is the world’s first commercially viable quantum computer.

Dubbed the “16-qubit” Orion, the machine uses an analogue processor to process gubbins by tapping into the laws of quantum mechanics, rather than using conventional physics.

Chief executive Herb Martin said the Orion was not the beginning of the end for conventional computers but it the was beginning of quantum computers.



Gubbins watch out! You will be assimilated!

Scientists dubious of quantum computer claims

"MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (AP) – Quantum computing is such an elusive goal that [B]even the company claiming to have the “world’s first commercial quantum computer” acknowledged it isn’t entirely sure the machine is performing true quantum calculations[/B].

And independent quantum computing researchers said they are dubious of some of the claims made by D-Wave Systems Inc. because the privately held Canadian company has not yet submitted its findings for peer review, a standard step for gaining acceptance in scientific circles.

D-Wave held its first public demonstration Tuesday of a machine it claims uses quantum mechanics to solve a certain type of problems, such as searching a database for matching molecular structures.

[B]But the company did not make the machine available for inspection and instead showed video from a remote location, saying it was too sensitive to be easily transported[/B]."