Qualityscans Pioneer DVR-109/A09

For all, they are interested, here are some Qualityscans from the above mentioned drive. :slight_smile:


Nice burns :wink:
You can attach the pics into the forum as well if you’d like…

Finally somebody who understands that for quick visual comparison, Y axis scale needs to be locked.

Everybody who uses the adaptive Y-axis scaling… get a book on statistical graphics and understand why it’s a big no-no.

Thanks for the test TomKolle!

Yes. i know, but i posted that in other forums too, so is this the best way. :wink:

Can someone explain these scans a little bit, never come across this tool before, so I am unfamiliar with these results, thank you.

Here is a good explanation from alexnoe:


agree with you that for direct comparison the same scale must be used on the vert axis but a closeup doesn’t hurt if your errors are all below 20. graph limit of 500 is a bit too high though…making it difficult to really see the error trends.

I think there is no adaptive scale option in PlexTools at all…

it’s not adaptive…but you can define any value of 10 or higher.

Just like with any other QS application. :wink:

I can’t help but notice the bit that says : Writer Used

Didn’t realise DVD-R stores such information (ie your serial number)…

So much for privacy…

I noticed that with the new decrypter. It gives exact model and serial used to get that disc to where it is. You are right. So much for privacy. Anyone can prove you burned something on your burner with that info.

If I’ve ever needed a reason to switch to +R media (using 8.40 fw) this would be it…

While we are at it, why not bring back the CPU serial number feature back?

Perhaps we should start a ‘privacy’ campaign on cdfreaks.com… A nice little banner that says -R format stores your burner info, get Pioneer to release a FW that leaves that field blank…


WHO in the world forces YOU to give that discs to ANYONE???

sorry to burst your bubble but this happens with +R media too. I have checked +R media burned and through the new decrypter it has same info as -R discs.

Screw them, screw them ALL!

I’m switching back to CD-R, if that fails, then i’m switching to floppies

5.25in floppies are cool.

8" are bigger, maybe also cooler. I’ve got some here, lookinng nice those dummies. 140k per side, whooha.