I updated to CloneDVD v2.8.8.2 (same with AnyDVD v5.9.1.1) and wanted to backup a movie (StarWars II). The Quality bar says 60% which is unacceptable for me. In such cases I made a backup on two DVD´s. This I have done with this “scissors” where I cut-out a number of chapters of the movie. Doing so, the bar showing the quality changed accordingly and I knew when to stop (ex. when arriving at 100%). Here is my actual problem: I tried that right now and I´m getting no change in the Quality anymore (ex. I chopped around half the chapters and should therefore be at atleast 100% but it stays allways at 60%) :confused:
Anybody who has a idea ?

Try going back to and see if the problem does away.

The problem is Chas, that version is no longer available in their webpage.

Done that and problem persist :sad:

The three newest starwars movies are all authored in the same way. Your problem has nothing to do with which version of CloneDVD you are using but rather that you are not dealing with the angle title-sets correctly in order to get what you want out of the compression meter.

For Star Wars II, region1, US: If your prefered language is English: deselect “Angles” 2 & 3 which are the “scrolling text” in the begining of the movie but in laguages other than English. Your quality bar will now show the changes.

Try doing a cdf search next time. Dealing with the angle title sets is an old problem with an old solution. Read from posting #12 downwards on this thread:

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in addition to what whisperer said, i also recommend reading what the clonedvd help file has to say about multi-angle movies and splitting.

since star wars was such a large problem for so many people I’m sure you can find a step by step guide on the web somewhere on how to back it up.

The “help” user manual instructions are helpful for dealing with most movies that include “Angle” title sets. But at least one (or more) of the three latest star wars movies use different authoring for the use of angles (in Region1; Region2 uses (per member Tru) the familiar Angle authoring method with matching chapter stops inside the angles). Angles 2 & 3 have no chapter stops to split on that match the split on Angle 1! This is at least true for Star Wars III (Sith) but I can’t remember if it is exactly true for I or II, but it’s similar, for sure. If Seto1 only speaks English, just deselecting Angles 1 & 2 is the easiest solution because it is only the scrolling “intro text” at the begining of the movie, like in all Star Wars movies, but they are in other languages. This will make his compression meter quality pop way up due to Angles 2 & 3 having “false link” to Angle1 (as CloneDVD sees it) which gives a false size readout.

Check out the link I re-edited into my above post while you were posting.

But I agree that using the provided CloneDVD “help” manual and doing a cdf search are your two best tools for backup solutions, before becoming frustrated.

Thank you for the answers.
Well it doesn´t help me as I do not understand it. There is allways talk about removing, unchecking or cutting TS 01 Angle2 and TS 01 Angle3 and so on, BUT what the Hell are those TS 01 Angle 1 - 2 & 3 !!!
I have on the right side as Head (Top): Titel - Abspielzeit (playing time) - Kapitel (Chapter, number of) and last Audio-Einstellungen. Beneath of it you find:

  1. Titel = 01 Ansicht 1; Abspielzeit = 2:16:41; Kapitel = 51; and Audio-Einstellungen = AC3/6 EN, AC3/6 DE, AC3/2 EN (dcmts.1).
  2. Titel = 01 Ansicht 2; Abspielzeit = 2:16:41; Kapitel = 51; and Audio-Einstellungen = AC3/6 EN, AC3/6 DE, AC3/2 EN (dcmts.1).
  3. Titel = 02; Abspielzeit = 0:03; Kapitel = 1; and Audio-Einstellungen = AC3/6 EN, AC3/6 DE, AC3/2 EN (dcmts.1).

The difference between 1) and 2) beeing the “Ansicht” (Ansicht = engl. view) 1 -> 2

Do I understand well that I have to “delete/uncheck” 2) ?

You never mentioned that your version was R2 German. But anyway, TS means Title Set or, I guess, in German, Titel. The Angle TS’s must be Ansicht 1 & Ansicht 2 in German. Both are 2:16:41 long. Since it is obvious that no DVD9 (8.5 GB) original movie disk could possibly hold that much data (two full versions of the movie! … not!), you have to conclude that the Angles are giving you false size readouts because they are linked to the main movie titleset. Read the web link I gave you in my posting #5 above. So you have to:

Eliminate the Angle TS that has the the scrolling text at the begining of the movie that is in the language that you don’t want. Use CloneDVD’s Preview tab to play both Titles and just read the scrolling text at the begining of the movie to determine which Angle TS is the language you want to backup. Then uncheck (deselect) the one you don’t want. You will see the compression meter pop way up in quality. Then rip and burn the Title Sets you do want to keep by

1 compressing the whole movie onto one Single Layer disk,

  1. or burn the movie to a Dual Layer disk

  2. or split the movie, using the scissors feature, onto two disks for better quality. I hear that on the German version, you can split both Angle Titles at the same chapter point and get a good split backup. But I don’t have your Region2 version so I can’t tell you point by point, what to do.

Any method will work. It depends on the end quality that you want.

If you don’t mind me saying so, it seems that you are a little afraid to just jump in and try a few things. You’ve got to learn … so what if you ruin a few disks trying to get it right. Not all movies are easy to backup. Keep notes of your different attempts until you get it right. After you learn how to do this movie, you will know how to handle a similar movie when you encounter the same issues again. I think you also need to re-read the CloneDVD user manual (click on help). Print it out and study it.

By the way, no offence to chas0039’s seniority here on cdf, but the suggestion that by going back to a previous version it will solve your problem will not result in a fix. You will face the same issues with Star Wars II no matter which version of CloneDVD you use. This movie is not a technical or software “problem” … it is a “you gotta learn how to deal with Angle-Titles problem”. Up till now you have probably backed up movies with pretty simple authoring techniques. You have just never encountered a movie that is authored in such a complex way. Jump into it! … No Fear! … Just Do It! … till you get it right!

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Thanks a lot for the time you invest in a newbee :o

I allready tried it out yesterday night, unchecking number 2. That way I was able to make a backup on two DVD´s and getting my precious 100% :bigsmile:
As I read your comment now and learnt something: quote “Use CloneDVD’s Preview tab to play both Titles and just read the scrolling text at the begining of the movie to determine which Angle TS is the language you want to backup.”
I didn´t do that so I have now a backup where the 2nd and 3th chapter are greyed out (the one where you have the text running in the universe and the chapter where the plane blows-up) if I choose german as language ! But this is no problem as I can start the main menu and english as language and then switch during the movie runs to german :wink:

The rest is no problem, I do understand and know how to use the soft in general, it is just that I do have have problems when I do not understand something :o And that with “TS 01 Angle2 and TS 01 Angle3” was such a case, even reading the manual, I just didn´t understand :a

But, sometimes you need somebody who tells you it in a different way and “ping” you undestand. So thank you !

Your welcome. Glad you got a backup.