Hello i have a noobish question,
Is it best to copy DVD’s at 1x?
does that produce the best quality

I take it you mean what speed to burn the movie at? Well, this may open a can of worms. I always find I get best results burning at as close to the rated speed of the disc as possible (x16 media at x16 or x12 and x8 media at x8 or x6). As I said that is what works best with my system, burner and the media I use. Other people are convinced burning much slower gives better results.

To check the quality of a burn you can use Nero CDSpeed.

I guess it is what works best for you through some trial and error.

DITTO :iagree:

1X rarely gives the best result and the general rule is that most +R media will be better at slightly slower speed where -R will not.

There are notable exceptions with some drives and some media.

See the scan in my sig. for TYG02 8X burned at 4X on my LG.