Quality vs. Speed

I currently use a LiteOn SOHW-832S with the CG3E (bitsetting turned on) and I love the quality of my burns even though they are slower and can’t compete with the speeds of the newer drives. I wanted to know what most people prefer to use on this forum. Do you prefer going for quality even if it may take longer to burn or are you all about the need for speed? :cop:

I’ve burned a lot of dvd’s with my Liteon 832S with CG3E at 8X. The discs I used were RICOH JPN R00, R01 and R02, all of them at 8X. The quality was awesome and it took about 9m30s a dvd. That’s fast enough. Further I know of no other burner except the nec 2500 and 3500 that can speedhack the R00’s so that they burn at 8X. Same thing with RITEK R01’s. It’s a superb writer; I don’t mind that it doesn’t bun at 12X or 16X. I mostly use my Nec 3500 as reader and Liteon 832S as writer, and I can copy on the fly at 8X, doesn’t have to go faster then that for me. But the difference between 4X and 8X are too big to burn at 4X.

I prefer quality (CG3E rules ;)). Who the heck needs these additional
2 mins/DVDR when the data isn’t readable afterwards?

What you all are missing here is that if you buy the right burner and match it with the right media you can have quality and speed. Best of both worlds.
If your media is marginal then you can always burn at a slower speed but you can never burn at 16x if you have and 8x burner…

I must say i dont know enough people who have the patience to search for media that actually works flawless at 16x and is most compatible with the burner.

Another thing that is in my opinion worthless is the time you can save with the 16x burners i mean the step from 2x to 4x and 4 to 8x was a great one but compared to that 3minutes saved for 16x speed are marginal.

I have a LiteOn SOHW-832S and i didnt buy it to be the fastest but to burn my Data not too slow but with good quality.

OK, you win!
MCC 004 purchased at ShopKo for $15.99 @ 25 pak

Quality first, speed second. pchilson has both…I have major optic envy…but I will make do with what I have for now: 851@832 CG3E w/ RICOHJPNR01@8x (~$.30/disc) with quality. If I were to get a new drive today, it would be the 3500. Maybe santa will bring me one…

Every company wants to release a new DVD writer by Christmas this year. Who wouldn’t in the very year that has found the greatest market explosion of optical disk drive market? :slight_smile:

pchilson, after all this is Lite-On forum section and we have to pay some respect to our Litey friends… :smiley:

BTW, it´s quite understanadable why there isn´t that much talk about “speed” among Litey users. :wink: Hope Santa C. will bring something better…

16x: ~6 minutes
8x: ~8 minutes

And since when do you post NEC burns? You sure you didn’t mean to post a BenQ burn instead?

Ahem. Would you like to compare the 8x PCAV speeds of a 1633S to the 8x ZCLV speeds of a 3500 (one would think that the NEC would at least improve its funny 8x burn speed when going from 2500 to 3500)? Most are still playing with 4x-rated media or other media that burns at 8x.

My definition of “speed” in this case is max speed (16x) and this is also what I have seen on this forum… :wink:

And, it´s now some time ago we have had competitions on fastest 8x speed burn… :cool:

I have nothing but respect for my 812s. It has performed exceptionally through it’s burning career…alas the poll is about Quality vs. Speed and I can’t have both with the 812 (ie… 8x only).

My BenQ 1620 can do Speed and Quality as well.

At any given time my stable of burners can change. I am into Speed and Quality. The question is asked and my answer is “You can have both”.
You only compromise on one or the other by lack of research or by failure to identify and purchase quality media.

I currently have here for media:
YUDEN000T02 - DVD+R - 8X
YUDEN000T01 - DVD+R - 4X
TYG01 - DVD-R - 4X
MCC 002 - DVD+R - 4X
MCC 004 - DVD+R - 16X
MCC 02RG02 - DVD-R - 8X

All of this media except the YUDEN000T01 was bought locally and at sale prices. It was not difficult to find.

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So why did you, pchilson, of all the people on this forum, post a NEC scan and not a BenQ one. Tsk, tsk, wait till rdg gets a whiff of this. :wink:
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It’s because of my pursuit of being “Fair and Balanced”… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I have ever criticized NEC’s hardware, only NEC company decisions that affect their hardware. (correct me if I’m mistaken) :slight_smile:
I’ve always felt they build excellent drives (who can dispute the results).
It’s only their media/speed conservatism and refusal to cater to customers wishes that have bothered me about them.

Sniff, sniff…

I also object to the notion that speed and quality are mutually exclusive. In many cases, slower is WORSE with some media. In other cases, the difference is minimal.

The reason that pchilson posted a NEC burn is because it’s a better burner. :iagree:

Some new drives that are being put out on the market just to meet the holiday season are poorly made even though they can produce fast burn speeds. There are only a few burners out now that can give you both speed and quality. The NEC is an “ok” drive but there is always room for improvement. I don’t think that we will see the best burners with the best quality burns until the maximum speed is reached for DVD burning. That way companies are not competing to see who can produce the fastest burner, but rather who can produce the highest quality burner. I won’t agree that it is a better burner because it also has to do with what media you use and at what rate the media is being burned at. You can get a LiteOn burner, match it with the perfect media, and produce the same readings that a NEC drive will produce.

The faster a drive starts to burn, usually equates to more errors because of more vibrations, etc…

In most cases there really is no point to bump up to the 16X burning speed yet because most drives only do 16X with DVD+R media. Not only that but there is not a wide variety of “excellent” 16X media available for. Also I’m sure that there will be a newer speed to outdo the current 16X speed within the next two to three months (or maybe sooner).

The optical companies should just focus on faster double layer burning and come out with cheaper dl media and do away with single layer media…but by the time this happens we might see the age of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray becoming the standard.

I think what code65536 question meant: pchilson, why are you still posting NEC scan while you don’t have any NEC anymore (in your sig)? :bigsmile:

It’s my “virtual” drive… :stuck_out_tongue: