Quality upload of DVC to PC (Sony Camcorder CCD-TRV 228)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony Camcorder CCD-TRV 228. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Help!
my boss has a 60 minute video cassette tape she wants to be made into some nice video for Marketing. We have an older camcorder, Sony DCR-TRV27 and i am trying to upload the cassette to my hardrive with the only thing provided which is a USB cable. The quality is awful. When i look at the tape on the camcorder it looks clear and wonderful but download it and it looks like s**t. I have heard of firewires but it seems my camcorder does not have a place for that. I am using Ulead 11 video editing and can get really good clips from our other camers, Sony HDR-SR11 but of course that camera will not play cassettes.
Is there any hope for me to get a good video out of this tape? I called a few camera places and they have no idea of what to do.

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Is this your camera

and if so, are you sure that it doesn’t have a firewire port hiding somewhere? If you have firewire you should be able to get the digital signal to the computer in its current format with no quality loss. Then its just a matter of finding software that will do a decent conversion.

From what I can tell (not 100% sure), if you transfer through usb on that camera, it is converting it to mpeg which might have something to do with the poor quality.

Opp’s that camera is a mini DV you should be able to do it. I’m not sure if it had a firewire or not, firewire is better.
You will need a good editing / rendering software to really make a nice dvd, I just bought Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum on Amazon for about $50.00 That will edit and render fantastic videos you can then burn to dvd.

Yes that is the camera! I guess i need to get a firewire. I just need to find one that fits the port on the camera. I have Ulead studio11 video edit and it works fine for taking footage off of an HD camera. Just have never had to take clips from a cassette and the sony camera before. I hope this will make teh footage look crisp and clear and not all dark and grainy. Thank you!! i am glad i found this space

Does the Sony HDR-SR11 have inputs? You could try routing your older camera thru it for your transfer.

I’m guessing the camera most likely has a 4 pin mini firewire plug and your computer (if it has firewire) will most likely have a 6 pin full size plug, so a cable like this should work.


If your computer doesn’t have firewire, cards are pretty cheap.