Quality tests for users with only the NEC 3500?

I’d like to compare two diffrent medias in my 3500, problem is I have no second DVD reader as so many here have so the Nero Disk Quality Test tool is out for me. Are there any other reccomended tests I can run?
btw, I posted a request to NEC about enabling this using the link posted here and got an automated reply…

About the only thing I could suggest is using the Transfer Rate test in Nero CD/DVD speed. If the line is nice and read speed continually goes up with a good graph with little slow downs then most likely it’s a very good disc. :wink: In some ways the Transfer Rate test may be better and more honest than PI/PIF testing although I really don’t know if that holds true or not.

Like Braxas said, run the Transfer Rate test in Nero CD/DVD Speed. I’ve read posts where people ran Kprobe or CDSpeed and the disc tested great, but the Transfer Rate test wasn’t good at all. When attempting to play the disc, it would either not play or would skip badly in spots.

Thx for the replies!
From the results I get, is it safe to say that even though the no-name disk is an 2x burn it’s inferior to the branded 8x burn?
Top ProdiscS04, bottom no-name.
Is there any way to burn the no-name at 4x? TIA!

Shameless self bump on the post above and the results from my DVD-R RITEKG05@12x branded 8x RIDATA.
Well, all I can provide you gurus with is the standard data xfer rate from Nero CD-DVD Speed.
Notes, the burn time was around 8 mins, recorder buffer in Nero was at 96% for most of the time but often it dropped down to around 5-7% for a short time - for a second or two. Also the sound from the drive started with a nice constant buzz but went down towards the middle and at the end of the burn.
Just got 200 of these disks (dirt cheap) and I’d really like your comments on my burns. Should I stay at the 8x or continue with the 12x burns?

FW:Quikee V2MRE2.28

If you stick to G05s, Ricoh W11s, Prodisc S03s, and Ritek R03s, you should not need any quality scans. I have burned tons of these with never a problem after dozens of scans. Many others have the same results with TY. My Liteon is becoming redundant.

Thx for your quick reply chas0039! And thx to Quikee et al for their firmware’s, just starting in this DVD burning and cdfreaks is simply awesome! (along with NEC of course ;))