Quality testing is it accurate

cd I burned with the ad7201a which showed no c2 errors with quality scan with the ad7201a with opti drive control v 1.22 or nero cd speed,but did show c2 errors when I ran the quality scan with the ad4570 are nec reliable in cd quality tests or is the 4570 giving random results, one other point a cd I burnt with the ad4570 which did show c2 errors with the quality scan done with the 4570 but did not show c2 errors when the same disk was run in the ad7201a for a disk quality scan , question should quality testing be used as a benchmark or is only accurate with a liteon or benq drive seems you can get unreliable results with nec drives .

I haven’t used a NEC 4570 for quality testing, but I consider most Sony NEC Optiarc drives to be questionable at best, useless at worst, for quality scanning DVD media. Some are even bad at scanning CD media.

Some series are better than others in this respect.

The questionable behaviour includes showing error spikes at random locations, or locations that depend on where you start the scan, and for DVD media, showing error levels and counts that vary enormously between scans of the same disc in the same drive.

No drive can be “accurate” in the sense that it reports an objective number of errors on the disc, since errors are the result of interaction between disc and drive (i.e. subjective). At best it can report useful and consistent number of errors encountered when reading a particular disc in a particular drive at a particular speed.

so could it be the older ad4570 is a better reader than ad7201a drive i purchesd this drive as they seem to be highley regarded would a liteon drive been more accurate with a quality scan etc , or is a dvd drive realy down to personal preferances these days as most makes seem pretty good in most respects except for accurate quality scanning