Quality Test

Is this The Good, The Bad or The Ugly ??

Looks bad to me, but I don’t really understand what I’m looking at. If this is a bad burn what kind of error levels make a good burn ??


Looks fine to me

That sure wouldn’t play on my sony players. So, looks bad to me.

It won’t play on my player, that’s my problem. The DVD freezes towards the end, and looking at the graph the DVD gets more errors towards the end.

Is there any kind of guideline I can work to, what level of errors is acceptable ?? so when I test different media I know if it’s any good ??


Definitely not a great scan. For reference your scan should have a limit of 280 PIE (top) and 16 PIF (bottom) To be considered a good burn Your PIE shows Max 884 and 10 max PIF, so your PIF is OK but your PIE is way high. You can do a transfer Rate test in CD Speed if you have a smooth transfer test it will probably play OK. Try setting the transfer test to 12x read. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

Here’s another test with Ritek G05 which looks much better, but it did freeze when playing, although the DVD player managed to struggle through and continue.

PI’s still to high try some different media :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Would it be worth trying to burn the DVD’s at slower speed ?? would that improve on the amount of errors ??


If these are no good for movies, would they still be OK to use for data backups etc. ? as I have about 50 of the Ritek G05 left to use up. Might as well use them for something rather than just throw them out with the trash.


You can see a guide here. I think it’s good even if i never saw PIE total <1000 on any disc i made. It give you some rough estimates for your drive and also indicates that G05 might not be your first choice :wink:


It sure can’t hurt anything trying a slower speed. Give it a try and see if it helps…

I wouldn’t use them for backup. A backup should be reliable.

Maybe good for making photo slideshows for the ex-inlaws… :bigsmile:

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been having problems playing any movies that I have backed up onto DVD-R, and as you can see from the Nero Quality scans above they’re not the best. However, a friend did a backup for me which plays fine on my DVD player, so I decided to run it through the Nero Quality Test and this is what came out :

This even worse than my own burns, but my DVD player plays this fine.

I am now very confused.