Quality test accuracy

My philips DVP- 642 is a picky player with mpeg4 discs. It will only consistently read mp4 discs burned at 4x on my 1620. Discs at 8x and 12x read about 50% of the time. 2.4x just can’t be read at all. Nero disc quality test results show low pie\pif for 4x ,8x with overall quality at 97. 2.4x and 12x quality 95.

According to nero these should all be good burns. So what is the missing ingredient that nero does not show that my burner is looking for.

media is maxell +r 8x, but I get similar results with yuden and others.
DVD video burns seem to read well at all recording speeds.

12x burn not readable.

Total pif seems high.

4x burn that is readable

Maybe the player can’t read files with high pif total. Still it seems odd that it could very easily read a movie with a scan like that.

It’s a Philips player & the 1620 is powered by a Philips chip plus its a DVD+R so I dunno man it should be working…

The only thing I can think off is that maybe its something to do with the firmware in the Philips player there is a thread here with some info on how to get the latest firmware update for it. Might be worth a try to see if it clears up the reading problems.

Of course the Philips player could be a crappy reader, those disc scans should be interpreted as how well they are read by the 1620 a different drive may not fair so well.

I have a DVP642 and I’ve yet to have any issue with any disc I have thrown at it. Be it TY media burned at 12x, or Daxon media burned at 8x… this includes regular DVD movies, mpgs and DivX flicks. It could possibly be the firmware as 8T8 stated or maybe you have a bad player…

I checked the firmware and 1109 appears to be the newest which I have. I exchanged the player when I first got it for the above problem but this player behaves just like the first one.

Maybe udf formatted discs are just more difficult to read than dvd video.

I think I will burn all my discs at 4x. That seems to give the best quality scans overall from my 1620.

I thought DVD-Video discs ARE UDF, aren’t they?

Anyway, all drives see discs differently. The scans are a general measure of how the laser in the BenQ drive sees it. It should be pretty comparable to other BenQ drives, but not necessarily to a Lite-On or Plextor. That’s why most of the scans you see here are with BenQ drives at 8x, so we all have that baseline of comparability. The Philips DVD player could just be more sensitive. Hard to say, really. I’ve seen discs scan horribly yet play in a set top player, and I’ve seen great scans that skip once or twice.

narkulus try using some different burning software like CopyToDVD and see what happens.

Just ran a maxell lens cleaner on the player and now it reads all the discs, but the discs burnt at higher speeds take a lot longer for the player to recognize them. Sometimes 30 seconds compared to about 5 seconds for 4x burns. The lens must have been dusty because I don’t smoke.

Do these cleaning discs work well or should I disassemble the unit and clean the lens? The disc has a small brush on it but no kind of solution.

Maybe a beta/jitter issue?

I have similar effects with dvds burnt with my LG4120B compared to some written with my Benq1640: although they show similar DVD-Speed results (around 95 and above), low jitter (~10%), same booktype, same media (RicohJPN R02) the media written in the Benq plays flawlessly in my Cyberhom 402 Player, whereas the LG-written media makes strange noise and sometimes cannot be read at all.

So definitely, those quality tests must miss some very important details, although I don’t know which they are.

Not even scanning with Plextools on PX712A really shows major differences.

Any explanations?



I would be looking at the media brand as the problem I have 3 Philips 642s and they have never even blinked with Prodisc, TY, MCC, TDK, Ritek, or Ricoh.