Quality Settings

I just boght DVD Next Copy Pro and I copied a DVD that I own. However, when I played it back it seemed to have a little less quality than the orginal DVD. I copied it with the quality setting at Default (Normal). Should I change this to get the most clearest picture available and if so what setting should it be on. Thank you in advance.

P.S. I’m copying the DVD to an external hard drive not sure if this has anything to do with it. Also does the Target Size setting have anything to do with the output quality also. Thanks again.

A better explanation on the quality settings:

Quality Settings Explained

The results from these settings may vary slightly according to each individual’s computer.

In general this is what they mean.

[B]Max. Sharp (Fastest)[/B] = The output is very sharp but it is possible that the picture might have some skipping effects.

[B]Sharp (Fast)[/B] = The picture will almost be as sharp as the original.

[B]Default (Normal)[/B] = The picture will be just as good as the original. [B]Recommended Setting[/B]

[B]Fluid (Slow)[/B] = Some movies will look better with this option with some blur.

[B]Max. Fluid (Slowest)[/B] = Some details might be lost due to heavier blur.

[B]The best thing to do is play around with these settings until you find which one works best for you and your setup. I will always suggest the default setting though here on the forum. As that is what I use and get my best results from.[/B]

For the file size. That is the default as well you could increase those numbers but anything above the size of the default numbers will result in less compression but you won’t be able to fit it on a DVD.

Th original need to be compressed to fit a dvd-r. If you dont remove anything from original then you wil see a lost of quality. Maybe you can remove some language or extras.