Quality score with nero cd-dvd speed

How is everyone getting real good quality scores with nero cd-dvd speed. I am getting constant 95% with both riteks and tys. How can I possibly get better scores???

you can increase your quality score by utilizing the SEARCH function… :rolleyes:

I did that but couldnt find anything that I havent done yet. My firmware has been upgraded and I am using good quality media.

quality scores seem to be the hang-up for a lot of people…if the disc has a smooth read transfer rate, plays fine in all devices you need it to, and the PIE/PIF errors aren’t too high, and you don’t have any POF errors, i wouldn’t worry too much about the quality score.

are you using the most recent version of CD/DVD Speed (i.e. 3.61)?

and try burning at different speeds (4-8X seems to be the sweet spot for most drives/media when it comes to quality scores).

dun understand…95% and 97% whatws the difference…if it plays what like what drpino says…its ok!!! :D:D

i have disc which gives QS 50% and plays well…i am happy…:D:D but that is on crappy media…:smiley:

To add little to this conversation: I have about 50 disk, what burn about 1 year ago on sony 510AX, scan last week on DW1620, score from 0-25, but plays fine in mine 2 dvd players(Sony and JVC)
Bottom line: good score - good, but good playback - better and more important

I have gotten 0 with about 3 really cheap YiJhan00 media, and they play fine with my players. So Sol45 is right, forget quality score and enjoy your DVD.


I’m going to try a different angle to address your question. As others have posted, the quality score isn’t that good of an indicator. A search will turn up comments that it’s based solely on the peak of PIF, and while I think that’s true, I’m not sure how Nero comes up with it.

It may be more useful to note how many PIF’s are occuring, and what the maximum is. The QS can drop very low on a single peak of PIF, even when the total PIF count is quite low (say 200), yet give a high score on a disk that has a max of 2 PIF, with a total count exceeding 1500.

Eventually you’ll find a TY that scans with a QS of 98 or 99, but it’s rare. Instead, look at the flatness of the scan. How much of a climb is seen at the tail, what is the peak, and is the PIF chart dense or sparse.

A sparse PIF chart is a good thing, a flat PIE chart is good, even if the count is fairly high. Only one POF and you’ve lost data for sure. Zero POF, and no matter what the other charts show, the data can be read on that burner at that time.

The most use you can get out of the scan is a general quality control review, not a literal assessment of the disk itself. What I mean by that is, you can see how predictable and stable the drive’s performance is, and the media quality is, from disc to disc. As long as this doesn’t drift wildly out of norm (and norm is simply what your system is generally reading from a particular media), then your system (from drive through software) is stable, and the media is stable from one disc to another.

Scans are going to alert you when a problem is developing in the drive, or the media varies wildly.

To improve your score, make sure you’re not starving the drive (so it doesn’t go into seamless link mode - though frankly I’ve done it and the scans are still good), keep the media covered, don’t let the cats warm up by the CPU, and make sure the TY is genuine TY.

Oh - special note I might post elsewhere - stay off your cell phone.

The transmission signal of some cell phones can actually interfere with some circuitry! Want to see it happen? This worked for me: dial someone, and place the antennae near the speaker of a cheap phone answering machine or clock radio. Even with the device UNPLUGGED AND OFF - there’s enough juice to make the speaker click loudly.

Thanks JVene for the reply. Sometimes my PI failures get close to 500 but still get a 95% quality score.

PI Failures of 500 is great. :slight_smile: I’m happy with 2000 and sometimes even 3000 to be honest as long as it’s smooth and no wild spikes on the disc (and if the maximum is below 16). People get caught up too much in quality scanning sometimes when all that really matters is, “Does the disc playback perfectly?” or “Can I copy the files off the disc without read-back issues?”. These are the two most important factors of any backup… quality scanning can only take you so far and as JVene said is a good indicating factor of system in/stability… otherwise, as long as my quality scores are generally above 90% then I’m a happy camper. :slight_smile:

Ever scan a commercial pressed DVD? They’re awful. But they play just fine. Personally I don’t even bother scanning anymore. The numbers really don’t seem to mean anything in my experiance. I used to worry why people here where getting high 90’s and I was getting low 90’s. But then I relized, I have not had one coaster yet. Nor has one DVD not play in any of my machines.