Quality Scans..Confused

Hello, I’m having a hard time understanding these scans; I used 2 different programs to test with, Nero CD-DVD speed and DVD Info Pro and they both give totally different results on the same disc. The Disc was burned with my pioneer 110 with firmware 1.37. I was just wondering if my liteon model is a good model to test with it’s an old SHOW-812S, I also have a Benq 1625, but I’m not sure if that model is a good to test with either.
Any suggestions?

The lite-on is a good scanner with cd dvd speed, just make sure the peak PIF’s are 4 or less. Benq’s are very good scanners as well, it should give you the jitter reading on the disc as well, PIF’s will be higher when using the Benq on cd dvd speed, but that is normal since the two drives scan at different intervals. If your not sure if the disc is good or not you can also do a ‘transfer rate test’ with cd dvd speed, it should make a nice and smooth curve, any deep dips will indicate a bad burn. :slight_smile:

Ok I get a nice smooth curve here with the liteon transfer rate and I also tried testing with my Benq, and as u can see, theres some major spikes that go all the way up to 12 but the quality still says 93, so i guess its not a bad scan. Thanks for the help.

The jitter is kinda high on that disc. What was the burn speed? you might want to try a lower one.

I burned it at 8X its actual rated speed.

If you want to further improve your burn quality, you can use MCSE and swap the writing strategy for your disc (ProdiscF01) with a better one like TYG03. MCSE doesn’t yet support FW 8.37 (I’m still waiting :slight_smile: ), but it does support all other versions. Using TYG03 will allow you to burn that media at up to 16x, so you will have to experiment to find the best speed for quality.

Wow, very cool…I will definatly try that, thanks for all you’re help.

Well i tried this sony media code write strategy and it looks alot better check it out, and thanks for the help once again! :slight_smile:

Hey thats great, an improvement across the board. What burn speed? and why did you decide to try the sony strat?

Especially that you were able to get the max pif’s down to 6 :clap:

Well i did try the TYG03 as you suggested, but i was getting the same results. So i looked at the pioneer 110 review and noticed that the sony media they tested (SONY08D1) had a real low PI level so i just tried it out. Not bad for 30 dollars 100 dvd-r’s. :slight_smile: