Quality scans and Pioneer BDR-207EBK

I am trying to buy a BR (+DVD +CD) writer for my brand new PC :bigsmile:
I think I lean towards the BDR-207MBK, but I’ve seen in a couple of places that it does not support “quality scans”.

Please, excuse the newbie question, what does this actually mean?
My guess is that it does not properly verify the burned medium?
Or what else?

Would someone else suggest any other writer instead?

Welcome to the forum, teras! :flower:

Judging by the results of our members, the 207 is likely to be a good choice.

Quality scanning refers to the graphs seen in threads like this one. Only Lite-on BD-RW drives and ASUS and Sony drives that are clones of Lite-ons can perform the quality scans that you see in those graphs.

The fact that a Pioneer or LG drive can’t perform the quality scan has no effect on their ability to verify with a program like Imgburn. They are capable of verifying a burn.

A recent longevity test also included burn quality with some common discs in Lite-on, LG, and Pioneer burners. It indicates that Pioneer and LG have the advantage in burn quality with some media. Only if you are burning Panasonic 4x BD-Rs, the choice in burner would not be significant.

Thank you!

I’d probably stick to Pioneer then!

Is there a big difference in BDR-207EBK vs 208EBK and 207DBK vs 208DBK in terms of BD-R and DVD burning quality?