Quality scanning with SH-S162A

I was under the impression, after reading the reviews here, that Samsung dvd-writers could be used for quality scanning with Nero CD-DVD Speed after a registry hack?

Well, mine doesnt work.:sad:
Nero InfoTool claims that my drive i capable of reporting C2 errors, but I only get a error message a couple of minutes after the scan starts. Firmware is the latest T002.

I deleted the the “TSSP” and “Samsung” part of the “Blocked” string in HKEY_LOCALE_MACHINE\software\ahead
Isn’t that correct?


Restart and try again with the latest version.

HI Geir68, have you try what chef suggest? I really want to know if SH-S162A can perform quality scan.

chef, are you really have that drive and can do quality scan? SH-S162A is one of several drive I consider to buy. Please reply your post.

Thank you

The S162[B]A[/B] is based on a NEC chipset so quality scans are not really reliable. I recommend buying a S162[B]L[/B] or a S182D.

Sorry, I have no 162 but a 163 SATA drive. The scans I made so far look good to me in case of reliability.

I have a friend that has the SH-S162L version of this drive and is not able to perform disk quality scans in it’s current state using Nero CD-DVD Speed version We’re interested to know what this registry hack to allow it to do quality scans is, and/or where it can be found. I looked around here in the Samsung forum for it and couldn’t find anything.

“Greenweenie,” as I’m sure he will soon be registering here as soon, is my bud. I’m not sure which firmware he currently has installed as I haven’t gotten that far with him yet. In the interum, any info about what he needs to do to enable disk quality testing would be very much appriciated.




Basically what happened was you removed a Burning Software Program.
Goto Samsung Website and goto troubleshooting type in Model # SH-S162A
Click on link for error 39. Click on fix for me. will need to reboot when completed.