Quality Scanning software running on 4163B?

Hello world!

I was just wondering whether there is a KProbe / DVDInfoPro / Nero CD-DVD Speed like program which can do PI/PIF/PO error scanning on the LG GSA-4163B? Or is it the firmware which absolutely has no support for that? Would be just too bad…

I have only one more DVD-ROM drive in my (old) laptop, it´s a Toshiba SD-C2402 (fw 1709, updated to 1717), it kind of sucks (very picky, doesnt read DVD+RW/-RW for example, but hey its old) and obviously there is no possibility to use that one for error scanning I suppose :frowning: It also often stutters when reading DVD-Rs written by the Samsung TS-H552B I had for a very short time before … guess need to copy those DVDs with the LG sigh

So I need another DVD writer for another box, I want one which writes good or better as the LG and is able to do the error testing. This may not be the best place, but as the BenQ DW1620 is quite cheap, I think of getting one of them … any advice by a (hopefully happy ???) owner of that beast?

Thanx in advance!

You asked a few questions at once. :slight_smile:

  1. GSA-4163B and other LG DVD writers do not support PIE/PIF/POT/Jitter scanning. No public software at least supports it on LG DVD writers. I don’t know whether it’s possible or not.

  2. TS-H552B => TS-H552U US03 = seems to be the best choice for the unlucky owners of TS-H552B. Otherwise, let’s have LG instead. :slight_smile:

  3. BenQ DW1600/1610/1620/1620 Pro are all good. I have only one because the South Korean price has been relatively high and BenQ drives do not really have much customer support here whereas Samsung and LG drives are very widely supported (almost in every city.) But if BenQ drives are cheap in Germany, have one DW1620 (or DW1620 Pro or something later if available.) There are some media that aren’t allowed for higher speed recordings in LG DVD writers. For example, TYG02 and other 8x DVD-R media are only allowed for up to 8x burning in GSA-4163B. The same media can be burnt at higher speeds in BenQ and NEC. Both BenQ and NEC have some overspeed burning options, BenQ through its stock firmware and NEC mostly through modified versions, but BenQ has one great advantage: quality scanning for the enthusiast group.

BenQ DW1600/1610/1620/1620 Pro are all good. I have only one …

Can you imagine there may be people who only own ONE DVD writer at all??? :smiley:

Thank you for your answer - you shed a bit of light on that issue.

BenQ is not exactly “cheap” here, but the price is reasonable. Burning lower rated media at higher speeds is definitely not what I need - imagine I used a 4x CD-writer until recently and never cared so much about speed. And my 8x USB CD-writer still is sufficient for my reading/backup needs on my laptops. In the end, how many MBs of data may I produce a day …

It´s mostly backups, boot cds and such so I do not need to make 100+ copies a day, therefore speed is no main issue for me but the burning quality. And for that reason, a drive offering PI/PO/PIF error scanning is probably what I need. If it makes good quality burns as well, the better.

Yeah, DW1620 seems to do what a device of US$30,000 is supposed to do professionally. :bigsmile:

Well - you cannot be serious :o :eek:

But anyway, if it is a good tester (besides being a great writer, iirc from the BenQ forum), I will get it.


I was serious. DVD recorders used to cost that much years ago, too. :slight_smile:

lol ok. “Years ago” was the thing missing :wink: You really got me on this.

Hm. I meant US$30,000 CATS scan device against DW1620’s scan capability.

Consumer DVD recorders used to cost US$**,000. It now costs often under US$50 if bought in quantity like 1,000 units. Disk quality scan devices used to cost so much. Some of them still do. Consumer drives suddenly got those similar scan features. Some people say those consumer drives are nothing compared to “professional” equipment. But consumer DVD recorders today are better than the first-generation Pioneer DVD recorders that were priced as much as average cars. A KProbe-like software used to cost far more than MANY PX-716SA. :bigsmile:

I couldn´t agree more and hope to receive my BenQ1620 soon, for checking DVDs written with the LG (and with the BenQ, too, of course). I really hope I will love it as much as eleewhm … she really seems to have fallen for the BenQ!

While Multi-1000-$ equipment may be a fine tool to check let´s say the quality of DVD media at the plant and fine-tune production processes, I cannot see much sense in testing my own Backup DVDs that way, as I will most probably use them in Consumer Level/Quality devices.

So for the real-life test, I guess the best testing would be that done on the worst device, like the oldest DVD-ROM which had been used in a smoky dirty pub for a couple of years playing DVDs for 12 months or so :bigsmile: