Quality scanning and drive vibration



I tested a DVD+R disk under two situations:

  1. BenQ DW1620 on which is an empty HDD case (the “seashell” box) on which is a Seagate 7.2K RPM HDD, the C: drive. Firmware B7T9, read speed unlocked thanks to MCSE.

  2. BenQ DW1620, another unit, on which is a Samsung TS-H552B not powered on which is a nearly full DVD spindle case. Firmware B7V9, also read speed unlocked thanks to MCS.

A few times running in situation 1 all resulted in very high PIF graphs. Thousands of PIF’s at the first few hundred MB’s and 27-28 Max PIF at the very start and loud sound. First scanning in situation 2 looks like this:

Total 4,130 PIF
10 Maximum PIF
Total 485,094 PIE
127 Maximum PIE
94 Quality Score

CD Speed 4.0

YUDEN000T02 Fusion 4x DVD+R (yes, 4x) scanned at 8x, containing 4,381MB of some AVI and SMI files

Vibration seems to impact quality scanning very seriously. The vibration was mostly caused by the empty “seashell” case, not the HDD really though the HDD running at 7,200 RPM should disturb both writing and reading a little. Hm… under the first DW1620 are two WD 1600LB/BB HDDs also connected to the power and running. :bigsmile:


I would expect a vibrating disc to cause a higher amount of reported errors by the scanning drive. :slight_smile: