Quality scan with Plextor 130A?


I have a HTPC with a Plextor 130A DVD-ROM drive which i use for playing DVDs. I have been having some problems with stuttering in movies, apparently due to errors on the disc(at least the drive goes crazy at specific points on the disc or freezes shortly). Testing the DVD with the worst behavior on my main PC in my LiteOn DVD-ROM gives the following result in Nero DVD Speed:
(the nero program has decided to use Danish instead of english in all the programs, ive tried to change it several times but it doesnt work, im sure you know the display well enough to look at it anyway :slight_smile:

I must admit i have no idea what the results mean, but the first orange peak seems to coincide with the play-back freezing(based on just considering how far into the movie this was).

I dont seem to have any problems playing back the DVD using the LiteOn drive which makes me suspect some problem with the Plextor drive.

I would like to do a quality test using the Plextor drive. Since Nero DVD Speed wont perform a quality scan on the Plextor, im trying to use PxScan instead. PxScan finds the Plextor drive okay, but no matter what test i try to run it just says: "Waiting for any drive to become ready … " followed by a (looong) count-down. What am i doing wrong?

DVD-ROM drives are not reliable to do scans. Only burners can do reliable scans.

If you observe a corrispondence in the PIF spikes in that scan and the playback problems, this can be a sign that your disc can have a problem in that sector of the disc.

Anyway, other than being not reliable, this scan is done at maximum speed, and usually with liteon drives scans are done @4x (except with *5 and *6 series of burners, in which scans are done @8x).

Try to do a transfer rate test (benchmark tab in cd-dvd speed): with your dvd rom drive this test is more reliable. Set reading speed as maximum in cd-dvd speed settings.

Okay, i tried running the transfer speed test instead.

However, there doesnt seem to be any problems:

I wonder what the hell is happening.

Some DVD player programs manage to play the disc without freezing, but i can still hear the drive sounding strange, however, no such effect seems evident from the test.

This damn HTPC computer is driving me nuts :confused:

Is rather difficult to understand what happen, because your tests are rathee confusing.

You did a scan with a liteon 16P9S, and now the TRT with the plextor. Some drives are better than other to read bad burned discs.

Repeat TRT with the liteon, and see if the reading curve is linear. And please, attach the images to the post: are easier to read (and without any annoiyng fastclick popup window).

Moreover, what are player softwares that give you playback problems? And what can read correctly the disc? Do you use the same drive (the plextor or the liteon) to do these playback tests?

Sorry, if i havent been clear.

The Plextor is in my HTPC.

The LiteOn is on my main PC.

The DVD in question has problems on the HTPC, im using Media Portal and WMP.
Media Portal freezes completely, WMP seems to play without stopping but from the drive noise its clear that everything is not okay.

There are no problems with playback on my main PC.

Ive had similar things happen with other DVD’s(also some new original DVD’s, though they only froze temporarily) and its really annoying me as my HTPC is what i use for all my DVD playback.

I did the transfer speed test on the Plextor because thats the drive that causes the problem.

I have now tried running Nero’s DVD Speed ScanDisc using the Plextor and it reported some bad sectors on the disc in question. When i run the exact same test on my main PC using the LiteOn problem everything is fine.

Ok, now it’s clear.

Apparently the plextor is able to read correctly this disc. Too bad the scan with liteon is not reliable.

Can you install a different playback software in the HTPC? For example powerdvd, to see if also this give playback problems.

But then why does it report read errors during the DVD-Speed ScanDisc using the Plextor?

The transfer rate test done with the plextor is good.

The scan disc you posted was done with a liteon 16P9S drive. You said that the liton is on your PC, and the plextor is on your HTPC. So if the playback problems are in the HTPC, and the plextor drive is able to read the disc (from the TRT appear that the disc have no problems), it can be a software problem.

Try with a different playback software on your HTPC to see if this solve.

The disc quality scan was done with the LiteOn, the ScanDisc i havent posted and was done on both LiteOn and Plextor. It actually reported errors on the disc using the plextor, even though the transfer rate test went smoothly also with the Plextor.