Quality scan with Plex 716 or BenQ 1640?

I´ve been reading in Forums now half a day, and my eyes are red, but I didn´t find what I´m looking for.
I want to buy a DVD writer to make Quality scans and I couldn´t find out wich scan is more reliable, Plex 716 with Plextools or Benq 1640 using cd-dvd speed from Nero.
Does it make sense to buy the more expensive Plex?

welcome to the forums Fumo…

give this a read and see if it helps you or confuses you even more:

I´m afraid I don´t really understand the Artikel, as I´m german and I have to admit, I would only get the half of it even if it were in german.
I would like to make quality scans to find out if a CD / DVD is playable and of course to find out wich media fits to my DVD writer.
Have you gat an easier way for me to learn?


the best way to determine if a burned disc is playable is to burn it, then run a Read Transfer Rate test using CD Speed and look for a smooth read curve to max speed…then play it on a stand-alone DVD or CD player to make sure the quality is sufficient to be played back on these devices…

if you’d like to error scan (i.e. run PIE/F and C1/C2 scans) on discs, you have to keep in mind that the scans will only tell you how well or poorly that particular drive reads the disc…these errors exist in the error correction phase of readback and not physically on the disc…

this is a very short answer to your question…if you’d like to learn more, i suggest reading the FAQs and stickies in the Media Forum here at CDFreaks…

I will do that.
But my primarily question was:
BenQ 1640 or Plex 716.

I would say its best to go with the BenQ.

Cheap drive, percieved same quality.
Quick scan results (Plextor has to do multiple passes to get the same information).
Same Features now that the DW1640 is out.

I also get better burning results from my DW1640 than my PX-716A.

thanks for the response.


To do a full scan of a disc, the Plextor 716A needs to do 4 passes at 2x each. This takes about 2 hours. The BenQ collects all the information in one pass at 8x, it takes about 10 minutes. The Plextor runs a couple more tests (Beta and TA), but just for common disc tests, I’ve really gotten used to the nice, quick scans on my BenQ.

Wonder how the results compare … i got a 1640, by crossflashing to 740 can it do Beta scans?

No, only the 712 or 716 can do those. In fact, with a 740, you can’t scan with any program! You need to crossflash a 740 to a 1640 in order to do a scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Damn … not the answer I was hoping for … thanks though!

I so I bought a BenQ,
but I get variations scanning my CD´s with my new BenQ 1640. Does somebody know if a LiteOn drive will show less variations?
Or is it even best to get a Plextor Premium for scanning cd´s?

variations in scan results are inevitable, as long as they’re not egregious get used to them…

I don´t know,
is this egregious ?

Huge difference in scan speeds. From 11.92X to 35.75X! For consistent results you can’t change the peramiters.

first scan is done at a different speed (35.75x) than the other two (~12x)…hence the difference in results… (edit: as mentioned above)…

the difference in scans 2 and 3 isn’t alarmingly disparate…and can be attributed to change in temps, etc etc…

however, the 1640 does NOT have the ability to scan for C2 errors, making it fairly useless for scanning CDs IMO…get a Lite-On or Plextor not necessarily because they are more consistent/accurate (which they probably are) but because they can provide you with a greater overall picture of burn quality on CDs (i.e. show you C2 errors)…

ok, so I will try to get a Lite On.
Any Model recommended or just the newest: SHW - 16H5S?

depends on the drive…dunno what it is for CD scanning on BenQs…

The 1640 reports C2 errors.

For scanning CD you can use max speed.

it does? and i would assume max speed for an accurate scan would be around 24x…