Quality Replacement for Toshiba SU-208

If one would look for a quality replacement for a Toshiba SU-208 DVDRW, what would be the pinnacle in this product category?

What is the best drive that would replace an old SU-208?

Thank you very much

I never was a fan of slim optical drives, i would suggest first to see what drive you can find, and then someone could suggest what drive is better,

I have also found out that they are mechanically inferior to full size models, but it would be a replacement for a laptop drive.

In terms of Blu-Ray, I only found one single Panasonic Ultra Slim Drive 9,5mm

Do you want a BD-drive?

I don´t use Slimline-drives often but can say Panasonic is a good choice for slimline. I have the UJ-260 and it´s a good drive with BD-media MBIR06, CMCMAGBA5, RITEKBR2 (but Ritek I can´t recommend). RITEKBR3 wasn´t good with this drive but it´s crappy media.

I also use sometimes the Panasonic/Matshita UJ8E2 S and it´s also a good slimline-drive.

Not really a need for a BD unless the build quality is significantly better than a comparable DVD drive.
Is this the case with UltraSlim drives too?

Nope, I don´t feel a difference between these two drives

Thank you Tester_1,

anybody else can chime in about a top quality UltraSlim drive?
New I can only find those DVD drives:
LG GS40N, ASUS SDRW-08U1MT, LiteOn DU-8A6SH, LG GTB0N and a Samsung SU-208 which seems to be the same model as Toshiba SU-208

With UltraSlim BD I can find those: A totally overpriced HP BD (N1M43AA) and Panasonic UJ272

I had used some old LG slimdrives and i had zero issues, my vote would go to the LG’s, but i am sure that for burning dvd’s and CD’s all of them should do the job, if you can find good quality media.

I just learned about the LiteON DU-8A6SH-Premm. It claims to be a more reliable drive than regular ones.

Is this available anywhere and has anyone experience with this or similar “premium” drives?

Samsung/Toshiba made a joint venture in 2004, so yes, some models were sold as Samsung und Toshiba.

Can´t say anything to the Premm or Pioneers slimdrives, also I don´t use slimdrives often but my experience is:

  1. Matshita/Panasonic
  2. LG
  3. Liteon/PLDS
  4. Samsung/Toshiba/TSST

The Asus could be an LG-OEM-drive