Quality Question

I have an older version and I am copying Shakespeare and Love for the wife on a Plextor 708A burner. If I copy the entire DVD I get a 45% quality. If I copy only the 2 hrs and 3 minutes of movie it is 71%.

Does this bar reflect the quality well? DO any of you have a certain quality % that you like to stay above or have as a guideline?

i think the quality does reflect it, but also ive burnt movies at 60% and never had any arguments with the quality … just burn at slower speeds if the quality is really low, just my 2 cents

Thanks for the reply I simply burned 1 of each quality setting and notice absolutely no difference at all. But I think for lower quality like you said I will burn at slower speeds.

  1. Why don’t you update your current CDVD version ?

  2. Re : quality & guideline > Quality bar in CloneDVD2

Hopefully you’re using the 1st button, i.e. ‘Copy DVD titles’, to copy the main movie only.

Yes, it does. But you have to look @ the final outcome of it while in ‘Audio and Subtitle Settings’,
and the Quality bar is (was) absent in CDVD1,
which is one of the reasons why you should upgrade your current version.

Yes, the value of 70% or so would be fine.