Quality Problems w/4163B and MCC 004

I’m not sure if I should be blaming the media or the drive (or my system) in this case:

I burn Verbatim MCC 004 (made in Taiwan) discs at 12x and get a quality score of around 30-something because of 1 or 2 relatively high PIF spikes with otherwise no PI failures at all. In one case I had a burn that would have had a 100% quality score (measured on my BTC 1008, repeat scans are consistent) except for a single PIF spike. The spikes are not always in the same position on the disc. This pattern of either high spikes or no PI failures at all is consistent throughout the MCC 004 discs I’ve burned so far.

My old BTC could not produce burns with anywhere near as low a total PIF score, yet it seldom had spikes go as high as with the 4163B (hence, quality scores w/BTC 1008 were often better than with 4163B).

4163B is master on secondary IDE (BTC is slave on secondary IDE). Athlon XP 2800 Barton, Nero

Any suggestions?

What version of firmware is your 4163B running?

105, hacked (TDB) I hear 106 is out, but the reviews don’t sound too promising regarding quality.

I get excellent results at 12, perhaps you got another one of those marginal batches of MCC - where’s it made?

What are you using to scan? Some drives will show these sort of spikes on certain media for no particular reason. If the spikes do not affect playback, or transfer rate tests, I wouldn’t worry much about them.

I’ve recently burned some Verb MCC004 at 12x on my 4163B & got decent results - all 90+ quality scores. I actually found that my Benq 1620 does a better job than the LG with this particular media.

I have burned MCC004 on the LG with the A106 firmware at 12X and found it to be very close to what I expected with the MCC003. I would suspect your scanning drive is the problem. Have you been able to get any scans on a Liteon? As is mentioned above, a lot of single spikes are not really there.

My discs are Taiwan made, my assumption being that they will be better than the Indian ones.

I would also suspect the scanning drive (BTC 1008) is the culprit, except that I’ve done multiple scans of the same disc and received virtually identical results. This, combined with the fact that the spikes are never at the same spot, leads me to believe that it is actually the burn.

Strangest for me is that there are so few spikes. On one burn it was a double spike of 12 – for a total of 24 PIF for the whole disc. For me this means that 99.9 percent of the disc was perfect.

Normally, there are two to three spikes - and they normally comprise 99 percent of the PIFs, meaning there are virtually no PIFs except for the spikes. The discs are playable, and except for those few bad spots in the scan really excellent (according, of course, to my BTC).

Another story with the PRODISC R03s I have the misfortune of owning; with those I have large number of relatively high (up to about 30 PIFs) spikes.

I guess I will have to try other discs (these were in a 5-pack, in jewel cases).