Quality-patched 832S firmware for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S (current: CG3E)




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CodeGuys CG3E Firmware for 451S, 851S, 812S and 832S

Well here it is at last. I have achieved what I wanted to do with the patch, but I don’t really know if I have achieved what I wanted with the quality. I suppose it’s early days yet and I already have ideas for the next version. I’ll let you good people tell me what you think.

This release is for all 51S and 2S drives. To slow it’s release a bit, this firmware will only be released here and not on my website, to start with. This firmware does not require cross flash enabled. This option will be greyed in OmniPatcher. Just run the firmware with your drives model number in the file name.

This patch is now aimed at improving 4x, 6x and 8x +R media. Yes 4x. Hooray, I hear you say. :slight_smile:

In the process of creating this patch I also figured out the whole fallback mechanism, so it’s now possible to move the fallback point. As many have requested an earlier fallback, I have also implemented this, in this version, as well.

This version also works with all of the OmniPatcher patches but for test purposes let’s limit the patches to auto bitsetting, force fallback and cross flash.

PLEASE don’t rush out and try your worst media overclocked to the max. Let’s start off by displaying scans of media at it’s rated speed, Ricoh R01 being the exception. Remember the NEC is getting a good reputation at the moment because the media speeds are locked and nobody can figure out how to unlock it. Most of the strategy swaps have not produced good results. When they finally do unlock it, the results may be like the Pioneer, which was pretty bad. I’m not saying just quality media but if it’s cheap media like AML, or the likes, then show it burned at it’s rated speed.

The drives light will blink orange more often during the burn and some additional PIF spikes are inevitable on some drives, due to the relinking after the recalibrate.
I have stopped the recalibrate at 3GB on 8x burns to avoid read errors on some drives that don’t relink as well as other past this point. There could possible be an OP option in the future to allow 8x stepped recalibrate to the end of the disc or I might release one on request. For the moment use force fallback if your media has a “large” error mountain at the end.

CG3E (latest)

I’ve just released the new quality patched firmware CG3E, based on the new official VS0E firmware. Hopefully there are some improvements, in this release, that will help with quality as well. :slight_smile:

1/ Now based on official VS0E.
2/ Two new media codes.
3/ Uses the new crossflash patch, so there is only a single flasher file for both 51S and 2S drives.

Note: There are no changes to the +R quality patch. It is the same as CG3B. Just the base firmware has changed.





You rule. As far as Liteon goes anyway.Thanks!


Downloading right now. A RICOHJPNR01 scan of 8X burn coming sooon.! :smiley:

Thanks c0deguys. :bow:


I figured out that by changing the values in EEPROM you can move the mountian around. I think this is a bug in the code.

The weirdest thing in this is, Since some of the media already has this built in, Why havent they just made it standard to ALL media.

Companies generally do not like outsiders fixing their stuff for them. So let us know what kind of beer you like so we can make plans to get it to you in the cooler. :bigsmile: :bow:


Interesting. Please PM or email me about what you did.

The weirdest thing in this is, Since some of the media already has this built in, Why havent they just made it standard to ALL media.

In the past some media produced higher errors in the fallback region. This seems to be a lot better now. I suppose for speed reasons as well.


Hmm, my boot table gone vacco… weird. [Writing this on my system_2.]
Be back as soon as I get my system_1 up and running.
Maybe a reinstall (from drive image) needed, heh he… :bigsmile:

Done many up- and downgrades today… didn´t update bootcode for my drive.

See ya soon. :wink:


Huh! Flasher version of CG1B does this for you. :confused:

I just tried the flasher 812S version on my drive and it worked fine. :wink:


hi codeking,
I appreciate his appointment to improve the liteon,
here are two scans of the same dvd, before and after the firmware cg1b.

To make a meaningful test to 6x, in relationship to the operation of the new firmware, do I have to train 6x on the strategy prodisc02, or to pass prodisc03 to the strategy?

According to: I believe that the cg1b improves solo the dvd+rs, therefore to the moment it doesn’t serve to make some tests with the princos (I can also try princo to 4x) that I am dvd-r.



This has nothing to do with fallback, It just never switches to 6X speed when the media can not take it? I found one strat that tried to switch to 6x and then flashed yellow a few times and continued to burn @ 4x. MCC03 I think, not sure but I posted it somewhere at the time. Seems like a good idea if they had this for ALL media codes, But the others I tried just destroys the burn rather than fall back. I think quite a few of these problems are because the stuffs written by different groups. The other groups do not know use some of the things already there. Since they already have fall back to 6 or 4, this stuffs already there as well. I would think just by figuring out the table they use in the media-id table, most of these problems can be solved to a degree. This brings back all the stuff at my last work. Since we could not get brand new code to work, we had to kludge up the gazoo to keep the existing stuff working even when they were 5 years out of date. Internal politics. And I think Chinese companies have it worse.

By changing the 0xE0 line values I was able to move the mountain from the end to end around 4gig mark. Only that and 0x180 lines were changed for a burn that works and one that dosent. Have to spend more time to figure out some of what those values relaly do.


Nope, not the flasher, me thinks. But something weird happend when I restarted after, I first downgraded my 811 to HS0Q (temporary in this system) and then this upgrade 812 to 832. 812 was in the “boot chain”.
BIOS and Windoze just got mishmashed somehow…?

Don´t worry, because I´m not … Used to reinstall from time to time.
Right now trying to save my nice KProbe scans from the past weeks… heh he.

This is gona be okay! :slight_smile:


Did you do a burn? I have not changed the read quality. This is VS0B patched to GC1B to improve burn quality.

IS01001 is not even in the media code list, which means you have had to, or will have to, manually patch the firmware to include it. I don’t want examples like this, thanks all the same. :slight_smile:

Sorry, using Princo in my release post wasn’t a good choice, was it. Yes, this is for +R media only, at this stage. :wink:


no Problem, I have inserted (thanks to his explanations on hex editor) the code Is01, in the CG1B


precise statement, is two burns with two different firmwares.


Thanks. It’s good to see the PIF average so much lower but this may be because of VS0B.

I’m actually quite amazed you can get that media to burn so well on the Liteon. I’d stick with burning it at 4x, if I was you… :slight_smile:


Codeking, do you want us to apply the media tweaks or not?



Remember I haven’t fixed the startegies. This would be too hard a job. So I am still happy to see media switches that you have used before. What I don’t want to see in overclocked media and media that you have not used with a strategy before. This can come later. I just don’t want to confuse the results at the moment.

If you use the recommended tweaks some media speeds are changed. Make sure you still burn at the rated speed of the media, for now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m particularly interested in RICOHJPNR02, MCC003, PRODISCR03…


Here are a few scans using RICOHJPNR01 media
applied recommended tweaks,enabled bitsetting, Earlier shift, Force shift.
The first one is @6X the second @8X
I like it, Thanks Code, this is great.


Ok, comparison time, Maxell 4x (Ritek R02) inside a Liteon 812S crossflashed to 832S.

First is using the VS0A firmware

Second is the new CG1B

Oddly enough, the read pattern looks the same with either < Is it supposed to be this way?

PIF average moved from .21 to .16 which I would think is a noticable improvement, but the PI also increased slightly from 20.1 to 20.7 average (but could just be disk to disk differences)


I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Now I know what it is like with earlier shift and force shift, which I haven’t tried yet.
This is a power/speed option. For best results these options should be left off. :wink:


Most of my tests have indicated more of an improvement in PIFs than PIs, as well. This is a very good thing. :slight_smile:

Yes, variations in the disc make it hard to draw a true comparison.