Quality Patched 1653S/710A Firmware for 1213S..1633S,1653S, 710A (CC1R/BC15) *NEW*

CC1R/BC15 - Quality Patched 1653S/710A Firmware
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Here it is at least for the 1213S, 1613S, 1633S, 1653S and +/-R media at 6x, 8x, 12x, 16x burn speeds. The results look pretty good so far.

What is it
The aim of this firmware is to produce lower PIFs. It uses a WOPC (Walking Optimum Power Control) technique that adjusts the OPC at fixed points during the burn.

It’s already crossflash patched for 1213S, 1613S, 1633S users, has a Multi color LED and has the following read speed changes:

+R/-R = 12x
ROM/9 = 12x
+/-R9 = 8x


  • This firmware is experimental and is not supported or condoned by the drive manufacturer. You will void your drive’s warranty if you use this firmware.
  • Remember this patch affects +/-R media at 6x, 8x, 12x and 16x only.
  • After flashing to CC1R allow for 4 burns of any media before best results will be acheived.
  • There is a bug in the firmware that causes a dip in the read speed when 12x is reached while scanning +R media. This is not caused by poor burn quality.
  • Some PIF spikes may occur at the recalibrate points, but like the NEC drives, these seldom cause a problem.

More information
CC1R is based on CSTR and BC15 is based on BYX5. Please read the documentation enclosed in the package, for more details.

So it’s ready to go for 1213S, 1613S, 1633S, 1653S, and 710A users – enjoy. :slight_smile:

What’s new in CC1R/BC15
A new WOPC pattern.
Reduced errors at the end of the disc.
Supports +/-R media.

CC1R and BC15 have been removed until I can find out why they are not performing as well as I would expect.

<hr>Download CC1R: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#SOHW-1653S removed
Download BC15: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#DRU-710A removed


DVD-R TTH02 @ 12x

i wanna try this, but i remember cstr hosed my drive for a minute until i had to reflash to orignal 1633 firm

my drive doesnt like ttg02’s, might this firmware burn them now? CK got any ttg02’s?

koolaidwa, no I don’t have any TTG02. I only have TTH02 and a bad batch of MCC02RG20. Try CC1R and see how it goes. :wink:

trying it right now, gotta say my drive still doesnt like tdk ttg02’s

burning a dvd as we speak, will post scan once done

ty 8x-r

Wow, new firmware for my very old 1613S. :bigsmile:

Thanks! :flower: :bow:

my next burn will be verbatim mcc004 and i will post a scan of that

Gosh, I thought your 1613S’ would have been long gone. You had 3 or 4 at one stage didn’t you?

koolaidwa, thanks. Nice PIF result. :slight_smile:

Off to bed now. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the results in the morning… :slight_smile:

I haven’t got a good result with my 1653S :frowning:

Here is a scan with CC1R (6x), then a scan of a burn with BYX5 (8x). CC1R only supports up to 6x with this disc but BYX5 8x (discs are rated at 8x).

Hooray thanks king!

I am going to try it right away.

I’ll be back with results.

At first, it was six units of 1613S. :slight_smile: I gave two of them to friends in Seoul and have kept the rest four since then. :slight_smile:

is it really neccessary to relink after every 500mb?

my drive likes byx5 better: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1154120&postcount=1

verbatim 8x :Z

back to csom, mcc004 burnt badly with this firm, still readbale/playable tho, but yea, too bad tho, thought this firm might have potential,

I’ll have to give this a go. Up to now, CS0P has been the best fw for my SOHW-1213S. I haven’t tried CSTR, though.

Thanks for the ongoing work on LiteOn fw! Any chance of tackling the read-bug at 12x?


if anyone uses this and has mcc004 and gets good results i may try this again, but mine where pie where bad and the pifs wernt to hot either

Waits for weekend to pass … get back to other house to test long awaited firmware

mmm - this was my 4 disc with CC1R - doesn’t look nice. Flashed back to BYX5 - looks a lot nicer!

I guess there are a lot of drives around like my 1653S that like BYXn firmware much better than CSxx firmware. I’ll try patching BYX5 tonight. :wink: