Quality of writing with an Asus 4816a


I’ve seen a number of reviews that have criticised the quality of writing with the asus 4816a writer and just thought I’d share my experiences as this is the writer I own.

I’m using Nero cd speed to guage quality. I don’t know if this is a “standard” wasy of checking or if there is a preferred way?

I used a bunch of test files equal to about 695mb for testing.

I have some “Melody” cd-r’s that are rated at 40x. When I fired up Nero, it gave the option of writing at 48x on these, so being a new writer and having moved from a 4 x4 x32 writer I figured I’d try the fastest I could ,… :slight_smile:

Whilst it said it was successful, when testing it came up with a bunch of yellow and red sectors (mainly in the last 5-10 mins of the disc)

Then I tried dropping to 40x and trying again - same results, although not quite as pronounced.

When burning at 32x it all seemed fine though. I put these experiences down to the bad quality weriting as the reviews had suggested.

I then tried some generic cd’s that I picked up froma couple of local shops. One of these was supposedly rated at 48 x and the other didn’t specify. The “48 x” cd’s would only detect and burn at 16 x … a bit dissapointing, but oh well. Unfortunately, I get mixed results with these - some work okay, some don’t, regardless of speed - I guess this is a media problem. The other one’s (unspecified) would also only burn at 16 x and although the results are better, they also intermittently produce errored discs …

I then saw some Imation discs that had been “made” for a local electronics shop and picked them up. they were rated at 48 x. didn’t hold out a lot of hope on this, but figured what the hell and tried them at 48x. No errors whatsoever with cd speed. Hmmm, unusual (though I wasn’t complaining) … Tried other sets of files, all at 48 and everything seems fine so far (fingers crossed).

I haven’t tried audio/vcd as yet, just data, but it looks encouraging so far …

Anyway, if you’ve bothered reading this far down, I’d be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this and/or any other experiences.

Ona side note, any ideas on firmware for the asus drives? I heard that there was (supposedly) going to something released?


Firmware : No idea

Quality : Ive heard the same with the Asus, but so long as you stick with good quality media, then your burns (IMHO) turn out better than another drive with the same media, but that other drive will no doubt be better at writing with the crap media.

i own one also, and love it, imation meda works for me (although im not a fan, and i doubt the CDS will last as long as TDK or kodaks.)

Also, i have used some Imation CDS rated for 20 and 24x, they write just as fine as the 40 and 48x media.

enjoy your asus.