Quality of Video



Well I picked up a burner and read through a number of posts, faq, and guides. The good news is everything worked and was able to back up some of my DVD’s that are in rough shape!

After I ripped the DVD content and placed it on the hard drive I used DVDShrink to (obviously compress it to fit :slight_smile: ).

Can anyone tell me if the burned DVD is of any less quality because it is compressed? Will there be any noticeable difference in video when playing back on my DVD player?



it all depends on how much data you have compressed onto your dvd-r, the more data the more compressed and the less quality, but all the titles i have backed up with dvd-shrink have been fine except lord of the rings rotk which was a bit jerky, but that was 2 disks compressed onto 1 dvd-r so its not suprising…
the grey bar on dvd shrink that you see before you press “back-up” has the percentage the disk will be compressed, if it drops below 50 you might see a difference but over that is always fine for me…
if you are concerned about quality use the re-author tool instead of backup on dvd-shrink and just copy the movie file with no extras or menus…


I just backup the main movie with one audio stream (English 5.1), English subs and I cut the end credits.

Unless you have a big screen TV you shouldn’t notice any horrible reduction in quality if you keep it above 65-70% compression.

If it’s a really long movie (ie LotR) then I like to split it over two DVD’s. The transcoding forum has a guides section with some great guides on how to do it with the free DVD Shink.


Actually you hit the nail on the head. All I want is the main movie as well. I will probably add the dolby stereo soundtrack seeing that I play the DVDs on my laptop when on business.

I guess its safe to assume that the removal of the end credits and extras can all be done with DVDShrink under the Author section?

Thanks a ton.


If you don’t need it, leave off the DTS audio track, as this can consume quite some room (up to about 1Gb)… yes that one is a gigantic space hog!

If you have very long moveis you want to fit on a single disc with a high picture quality, you may want to consider reeincoding. This is suite tedious etc… but it gives way better quality than transcoding does!