Quality of Video question



:confused:I have a video that is in MP4 format, its 2hrs 3 mins long, frame width 1920, frame height 800, data rate 2045kbps, total bitrate 2138kbps, Frame rate 23 frames/sec. The file size is 1.84 GB. My question is what will the video quality look like if I burn it DVD5 format using DVDfab. Will the quality be pretty crappy since it wil be lowered so much?:confused:


Why would you need to use DVDFab? Are you trying to convert the mp4 to DVD-video?

If your player is new enough to work with mp4 files, you can burn as data without conversion. If you need DVD-video, then yes, you would need to convert. Every conversion reduces quality and the existing bitrate is fairly low as is for HD video.

I’m hoping that the actual frame rate is 23.976, else things are going to get a bit jerky.

This is all the advice I can give in the DVDFab forum. If you want to ask a similar question in the Video Editing forum, I can give some options.


Thanks for the advice, as for the DVD video yes I need to convert it, I don’t have a BD player and my dvd player only reads mpg file formats on data disc, that have to be no more then 2 GB (after converting the file to mpg it would be more then 2 GBs)and a frame width of like 720 and frame height of like 400 something. I’m not sure what the actual frame rate is I just brought up the file properties and it said 23 frames/sec.


It will actually look pretty good. Use DVDFab’s DVD Creator module and choose the No Menus option, to preserve the available bits for the video. If the original source was a Blu-ray disc, it may turn out looking better than the original DVD version of the disc. Your source material is borderline, a higher bitrate would be better. Try it and see, since “looks good” is subjective. Note that if you are using the 30-day trial mode, the output will have a watermark in the video.


I am using a registered version. I am actually burning that file right now, and the Encoding fps is around 52, so is that around where it should be? Thanks for the info I appreciate it, I’m kind of a newbie to DVDfab, I was using Express Burn by NCH, but that program SUCKS. I am really liking DVDfab, I’ve already burned about 20 dvds today and the quality is awesome, I just haven’t burned any discs that didn’t originate from a iso, so this will be the first.


I will be interested to hear your impression of the results. Are you using the DVD-5 or DVD-9 settings, I may have missed that. 52 fps means it is encoding at a little better than 2x, so it should take about half the run time of the feature, which is not too bad. There may be some other settings that would speed it up a little, it depends mostly on your PC.


The burn completed it took about an hour, and the video looks awesome, very crisp, you were right about the picture quality, even though its DVD5 instead of DVD9 it still looks really good. I’m running a Intel dual core, pretty much a budget PC by todays standards, but it works fine.


Glad to hear it worked well, it is an impressive feature.