Quality of these Kprobe Results - TY02 & RICOHJPNR01

Below are 2 different Kprobe scans of the same disc image burned to RICOHJPNR01 and FUJI TY02 media.

If a disc was really important to you, would you be satisfied with the TY02 scan, or would you reburn it to get the quality of the R01 scan? I’m not used to getting 5 digit PI Totals.(like in the TY02 scan)
8X Burn on FUJI TY02

8X Burn on RICOHJPNR01


They are both awesome. But I would buy RICOH in the future. Cheaper and a bit better!

@ [H]itman Disc quality is very important to me and I think the TY02 scan is perfectly acceptable! I would rate them both about 96/100. You could make an argument that the TY02 is a better burn. The TY02 burn has lower total PIF’s than the R01. The R01 actually has that thick-but-small spike at the 4x-6x shift point(~4E009h). The TY02 should have no problems in any reader/player…btw… did you remove a PIF spike in the TY02 scan?

Right now I have a 100 Spindle of RITEK RICOHJPNR01 from NewEgg, and a 100 Spindle of Fuji TY02 from NewEgg. Both of the scans in the 1st post are consistant to what I will continue to get, so that’s why I was wanting some opinions. Like I said, the main question I had was the “PI TOTAL” is higher than I’m used to.

As far as the TY02, I guess I should consider myself lucky, because there are some people who are having trouble with TY02.

@s0lar, I’ve always used RICOHJPNR01 (and I really like it :iagree: ), but I came across the TY, and I’d heard good things, so I thought I’d give them a shot.

@please, yes I removed a spike on the TY02 scan, and that was only the 2nd time I’ve ever had to do that. But why do you ask?

@ [H]itman
If you are concerned with total PI’s, it is the PI peaks that need to be watched, and they have far less an effect than PIF peaks. PI peaks are acceptable up to 280, and I have seen some discs play with many more than that, so you are far far away from that being a problem with your burns.

I ask about the spike removal because I noticed a quirk in Kprobe 2.4.2 that when you delete spikes, it has a great effect on the final average recorded. Your PIF Average should have been 0.01, using the rough formula of .01 PIF avg. per 150 total PIF, but instead it is 0.00. Your other scan has 273 total/0.02 avg…that seems right, and any deleted spike would have brought the average down to 0.00. Program flaw or intentional ‘honesty checker’ I do not know! :wink: . There is nothing wrong with deleting high single spikes, but it is no longer a ‘pure, true’ scan result IMHO.

However both your burns are excellent :bow: …you are choosing between Ferrari and Porsche!

hey [hit]man:
Just a thought. I have burned discs with the ricoh01 (newegg) and the ty-t02 (fuji best buy). I see your point about total pi count. But take a look at the disc after burn. Ty disc seem to have a darker color and less noticeable speed rings. Does it mean anything, I don’t know. Plus you always have to figure in the archive factor, which one will last longer???

I have Ricohjpn01 that lasts now for over a year with no gain in total errors; don’t know about TY but should be at least as good.

@Please, I’m going to use the TY for the backups then. Thanks for your help!

@cmisenko, I looked and I see what you’re saying about the TY being darker. Archive factor is very important. To go by past experience, and what I’ve read… I would say the TY would last longer. Which one do you think will last longer?

I think they’re both very good discs and should both archive well. But if I had to pick one, I would always go with the one that had the lowest PIFs. :wink:

So you think the TY02 edges by on this one?:smiley:

Just, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them.

Good lord…your PI scans could be twenty times as high, and still be fine.

Hate you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think your drive has “learned” RICOH_R01 media very well… :cool:

And I agree fully with C0deKing regarding PIF´s, but here we have two perfect burns that will last longer then most of the media in market today.

You never told us at what speed you burn those discs, but I can ensure you TY T02 will burn perfect at 16X as well.

Not more NEC scans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside. What a brilliant burn, and at 16x. :slight_smile:

I would go for the yuden discs (but i cant get them from the local dealers lol)

They were both burned at 8X pinto. Was the scan you posted burned at 16X? What bios are you running on your 3500? I’ve been using 2F8 with bitsetting, and it’s worked so well that I haven’t even thought of changing. Any newer firmware (with bitsetting) that is better than the 2F8?

@Clany, what country are you in?

@ Pinto2 Excellent 16X burn :bow: …not to take anything away(well…not much :iagree: ) but according to the kprobe quirk I mentioned above, I would guess you removed a PIF spike or two :wink:

[H]itman im from germany.
So i can get tons of ricohjpn media at the local dealers but no yuden media.

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  • [H]itman, my post says “at 16X”. BTW, I use Liggy´s 2.18 :smiley:

  • please, I don´t need to remove any spikes, heh he. Real TY. :wink:

  • Clany , go online for real Taiyo Yuden. :cool:

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Thx pinto now i know where ican get Taiyo Yuden anyways do you know which are the best Taiyo Yuden for Liteon Drives especially SOHW-832S ?